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Pay Someone to Write My Resume: Top 3 Services to Use

At some point in our life, we all have to give our best to create the perfect resume so we can take the job post we always wanted. But what if your area of expertise doesn’t really require high writing skills or you are simply at the beginning of your career? How are you going to write a perfect resume?

Top 3 Resume Writing Comanies

Ranking Company Rating Price Review
9.9 Starts at $155

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Careers Booster – the name of this service speaks for itself. This team has helped many job applicants to go through the hiring process successfully. Read the full Careers Booster Reviews.
9.7 Starts at $109
Resumes Planet is one of the best writing service, which has been on the market for 9 years. It constantly attracts many customers with its guarantees for highest professionalism and most convenient service. Read the full Resume Planet Reviews.
8.3 Starts at $169
Resume Writers works on the market for 19 years and they guarantees to rewrite your resume for free if after 60 days of using your new resume package you have no interviews lined up. Read the full Resume Writers Reviews.

The answer is simple – you pay someone to write it for you. But this answer makes you raise even more questions – how can I tell which company is a scam and which is legit? How can I tell which company is the most professional? How much will it cost me?

Do I really need a professional writer to write my resume? The answer to this question depends on too many factors, but one thing is certain – a professional can definitely write your resume better than you can.

With all of these things being said, unravel more layers of this subject and discover the top 3 services to use for resume writing.

The Benefits to Pay for Resume Writers

There are so many benefits for hiring a resume writer that I don’t even know with which to start.

A professional resume writer will take care of everything, which means:

  • It will save a lot of time, nerves, stress, research, and so on.

  • He will take care of formatting, keywording, and styling.

  • He is familiar with most of the big companies and he knows what they like and dislike.

  • He knows the current standards and trends.

  • He knows which aspects to accentuate.

  • He will provide an impeccable appearance and writing for your resume, without allowing any error to slip his eye.

Top Companies to Hire to Write My Resume

Considering that resume writing isn’t a cheap service and that not all of us afford to waste our money on scams and poor services, after a thorough research on the field, we can say that the bellow-mentioned companies, are by far the best resume writing companies that you can find, that will answer your question: can I pay someone to write my resume?

#1 CareersBooser.com

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careers booster homepage

Even from the very second, you opened their website, you can notice how professional and yet simple is their design. As you can see from the very beginning, their prices are quite affordable – not cheap, but definitively affordable considering that the result is almost guaranteed.

The resume alone costs $155 for a 5 days delivery and it raises up to $225 if you need it in 24 hours.

Their cheapest package costs $210, respectively $179 with their 15% discount for first orders, which you will receive in 5 days. On the other hand, their priciest package costs $365 for more benefits, like LinkedIn profile and cover letter, and for a 24 hours delivery.

They promise delivery on time, professional services, printable version, free rewrite and revision in care the customer isn’t satisfied or he didn’t receive an interview invitation within 30 days, and the refund will be approved only if your accusations are justifiable.

Taking a look at their customers’ and professionals’ reviews, we saw what we expected – only good and very good reviews. And if you’re concerned about payment methods, they accept a pretty wide range: American Express, Discover, Wire Transfer, Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro.

#2 ResumesPlanet.com

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resumesplanet homepage

Resumes Planet can be the perfect service for anyone who is willing to pay for resume services and for the ones who want to be the perfect candidate in the eyes of any employer. Their prices start from $109 for a resume delivered in 5 days. If you want the whole package the prices are a bit more expensive, starting from $189 for 5-day delivery and going up to $309 if you need the resume in 24 hours.

They guarantee your interview, meaning that even if you don’t get an interview within 30 days, they will revise your resume free of charge. Amongst other guarantees, they count delivery on time, formatting, revision, ownership, refund, professionalism and quality.

Online you can find many satisfied customers and trustworthy good reviews about their services. They accept more payment methods from Visa, MasterCard, and Maestro to Discover, Wire Transfer, and American Express.

#3 Resumewriters.com

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resumewriters.com homepage

If you want to impress the recruiter, all you have to do is to contact this service. Resume Writers is one of the few companies I could trust to write my resume for me, and for a good reason.

Their website is professional, same as their services. Their prices are affordable – from $169.95 to $299.95 – and they offer more than just a resume. If I’d pay someone to write my resume I would trust them because they guarantee the interview, that you’ll be happy with the result, and even rewrite your resume. Online you can find may reviews that will agree that this resume builder company keep their word.

As well, you can pay with MasterCard, Amex, Visa, and Discover.

How to Choose Resume Writing Service

  1. First of all, you have to choose according to your needs and possibilities.
  2. Second of all, you should do your research and see what other people think about the service you’re interested in and see how their experience was.
  3. Last, make sure that they have a returning policy – this is a sign for scams and assurance that you won’t waste your money.

How much it Costs

The prices are different from company to company. The good part is that you buy a resume for life – almost. I mean you can use the same resume for more job opportunities, which make their services worth every penny.

As you can see above, the prices start from as little as $109 for a resume and they can go up to $309 for a full package that will take care of your whole professional aspects. I believe that resume services are affordable and more than worthy of their price, considering that these prices are from the best resume writing companies and their result is almost guaranteed.

Why Upwork and Fiverr are Bad Options

Upwork and Fiverr are great platforms for freelancers to find a job, but not so good to find someone to write a resume. Maybe you can find professionals there too, but there’s no guarantee on that and writing resumes can’t possibly their best skill if they work on those platforms.

If you want to be sure that you’ll receive a flawless resume that will get you to the interview, Upwork and Fiverr are by far not the best options for you.

How to order in the Right Way

The ordering process is pretty easy and each website created the ordering process so it can be used even by the simplest minds. There’s no right or wrong way as long as you provide as many details about your resume as you can.

Even better, if you already have a resume – good or bad it doesn’t matter – it will give the writer all the information he needs. Anyhow, some companies provide phone calls with the writers so he can make a real impression about you in order to put the best out of you in that resume.


Now you know what your top 3 best options are when you’re screaming inside – help me write my resume. All you have to do is decide which service meets your needs the best and choose it, and apply for new job4benefit. Nothing can’t go wrong since they have refunding policies that guarantee your money back.

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