About ResumesHelpServices.com

Our mission

Every person is put on this world to serve a mission. We are here for you – to help you choose an excellent resume service. It goes further than just that. When resumehelpservices.com tells you what service is good enough to meet your needs, we also help you land a job. If you manage to land your dream job or at least a decent job you’re trying to get, we will be the people responsible for you excelling in your career.

It’s a very fulfilling job, really.

Why it is good for job seekers to use a resume writing service

Not everyone has amazing skills that allow him or her to write a resume. But, people are amazing at other things, which is why their writing skills should not be the thing that pushes them back.

It very often happens that the most capable job candidate is dismissed by a company because of his poor resume skills. Writing a resume is a complicated thing that requires experience, too.

If you haven’t been writing resumes on regular basis, you won’t really know what employers look for. If you have and it hasn’t worked for you, then you still need help.

Evaluation process

When your applications are dismissed and your efforts all go in vain, you should choose a professional to boost your odds at landing a job. To do this, you need a good, reliable professional. This is why we are here.

Our evaluation process consists of several steps. First, we collect as much information as we can about the company in question on the Web. Then, we check their website to see what they offer. Finally, we order a resume or other services to evaluate the writers’ quality.

With all this information, we’ll create a detailed and very accurate review.

Contact Us

If you want to share something about a service you’ve used, feel free to reach out. If you want to ask us about a service we have reviewed, we are here to help.

Finally, make sure to reach out to us if you want to submit your own resume. You can do this by using this form: https://www.resumehelpservices.com/contribute/.


What is your algorithm for evaluating companies?

When evaluating companies, we look at key areas of a company as well as any unique features the company claims to have. The key aspects include services, special features, prices and discounts, and customer service. We also like to look at what real customers think about the service. We dig through reviews from trusted sites. We also test the service by actually asking them to provide a service for us. Once we get the resume, we can then evaluate their effectiveness.

Are the reviews provided really independent?

Yes. Our reviews are completely independent. Even though we use other customer reviews to rate a service’s overall effectiveness, part of our criteria involves ordering a resume from a company. From this, we can get an unbiased view of the company. First-hand experience informs our judgment better than what we can read from others. Just because one person did not enjoy a company’s services doesn’t mean everyone else will feel the same.

Why do some companies on your website have so many negative reviews?

We believe that customers like to leave their impression about what they feel the service offered them. Positive feedback is good for these companies. However, negative reviews impact the company negatively. It’s possible that many of these companies don’t like to have negative reviews. Our site, however, does not remove or change real customer feedback. The reviews remain as they are to help you make an informed choice.

Are Resumehelpservice reviews accurate and up to date?

Yes. We acknowledge that companies evolve and improve over time. A company may start on a bad note but turn a new leaf later. We like to ensure that this is reflected in our reviews. Over a period of time, we like to review our posts and update them to reflect changes made by the affected companies. This way, our reviews stay up to date, and any customer visiting the site can make an informed decision.