04 Sep

How Long Should A Resume Be?

A lot of potential job seekers ask the question of how long should a resume be. That question isn’t aimed at knowing how many words should be fitted in the resume but rather how many pages should a resume be.

Some professionals have mentioned that the perfect resume length should be one page. However, some have said 2 or 3 pages are mandatory. Just how long should my resume be? The answer to how long resume should be depends on the requirements of the recruiter and other factors. (more…)

26 Jul

Pay Someone to Write My Resume: Top 3 Services to Use

At some point in our life, we all have to give our best to create the perfect resume so we can take the job post we always wanted. But what if your area of expertise doesn’t really require high writing skills or you are simply at the beginning of your career? How are you going to write a perfect resume? (more…)