24 Nov

Ihire.com Review

iHire.com has numerous job posting listings every month. The platform has an estimated 7 million monthly unique visitors, making it the biggest job site. The site is easy to use and offers a convenient search feature to narrow down your options by state, keyword, job type or salary.

In this iHire.com Resume Review, you’ll get in-depth information about the company’s features and services to help you make a sound decision on whether it is right for your career.


24 Nov

ResumeWritingServices.org Review

Resumewritingservices.org is an online writing platform providing professional resume writing and editing services for various types of documents.

The primary services offered by Resumewritingservices.org are resume writing for job seekers, editing and proofreading of existing documents, college essay writing, dissertation or thesis writing, CV writing and rewriting.

Resumewritingservices.org review is mostly negative, with numerous complaints about the company’s writers providing low-quality services and never delivering on time. The review below will reveal more details about the services and customer support offered by the company, as well as prices and discounts.

13 Aug

InResumes.com Review

For a few months now, we’ve been noticing a frequent mentioning of a specific resume writing company – Inresumes.com. This seems to be a trending service now, popular among job seekers and people who need to improve their resumes (as well as other job-related documents).

Unlike some other sites, the Inresumes reviews are amazingly positive. We’ve looked all over the Web on reputable and trustworthy sites, and found that people are happy with the pricing, as well as quality this company offers. This prompted us to make our own Inresumes.com review based on thorough evaluation of their offerings.


20 May

Evolution-Coaching.com Review

Evolution-coaching.com is a resume writing and editing company that offers top-quality services to a wide range of clients.

When you are looking for a job and you never get invited for interviews, something could be wrong with your resume.  If you are in such a scenario, it’s vital to seek help from a resume writing service. Many resume review companies offer resume writing and review services, and Evolution Coaching is one of them. The interface of the website is easy to use. The areas to navigate the website are well labeled, giving you direction to different services that they offer.

If you want to get an idea of Evolution Coaching’s services, you will not get the correct insight. Some of the reviews are positive, while other customers have very negative reviews about the website. CV writing is a relatively new service in the industry; therefore, such services need more detailed evaluation to gauge their efficiency. That is one of the major reasons why we decided to be mystery shop their services and share our experience with you. We tried different features of this service, and this is our honest Evolution coaching reviews.

20 May

ParagonResumes.com Review

Paragonresumes.com is a professional company that offers resume writing and cover letter editing services. Their staff is well-versed in hiring and resume writing.

In an easy and stress-free environment, Paragonresumes delivers professional, attention-grabbing documents. They boast experienced and professional writers who have completed thousands of resumes.

To get an in-depth understanding of their service quality, we surveyed their clients and reviewed them independently. Our investigations revealed that the company has many negative reviews on external websites but positive reviews on its website.

Here is a highlight of our objective reviews.


20 May

Brooklyn Resume Studio Review

Brooklyn Resume Studio is a resume writing company that composes resumes and custom branded marketing materials. The company has expertise in providing top-quality executive resumes and career transition, which is why it has partnered with numerous clients across various industries.

To understand the company and how it offers its services, we conducted Brooklyn Resume Studio reviews and found both positive and negative revelations. Almost all the reviews on the company’s website were positive, but those on external sites were negative.

More importantly, our independent reviews led to positive and negative outcomes, as explained hereunder.

09 May

GreatResumesFast.com Review

Who doesn’t want to get great resumes fast when one sees a job opening in his or her dream company? That being said, not everyone has terrific penmanship. To help them out, GreatResumesFast.com is offering help with resume writing at affordable pricing. However, it doesn’t mean that you should take their services. You should always look into an online-based company before you make your mind and go for taking their services. So, let’s take a look into them now in this Great Resumes Fast review! (more…)

07 May

SelectResumes.com.au Review

When it becomes hard to make a new step towards career changes or job search creates a lot of troubles – you are not getting offered a dream job even having skills and experience needed to occupy the position – the best resume writing services come to a play. One of the popular services for creating documents in Australia you need to apply for the open positions is selectresumes.com.au.

This company has a bright website with numerous services offered. It was founded in 2008 and per their website serves 2,000 customers each year. With the unique approach they have created, they are capable of delivering quality resumes in time and help you to get hired faster.

Even being on the market for almost 10 years already, we were not able to locate Selectresumes reviews online, and to help you to make a weighted decision we decided to review this CV writing service ourselves.


07 May

ResumeWritingLab.com Review

Creating the perfect resume is not as easy as it sounds. We all think we can make the resume that will make a difference. But will it be professional enough? Will the hiring headquarters will agree with you that you have created a masterpiece of a resume. Most importantly, building a professional grade resume will take a lot of time.

So, what is the easy solution here? Apparently, ordering a resume from the best resume writing service is a great choice. But in that case, you are leaving the control to someone whom you don’t even know. So, checking out what others say about a resume writing service is always a wise decision.

Today, we will dissect the features, pricing policy, and the quality of the resume writing service called ResumeWritinglab.com. So, before you plan to order a resume from them, you should check out our experience and read our Resume Writing Lab review.
Let’s jump straight to the point!


16 Apr

TheResumeStudio.com Review: Do You Get What You Pay For?

A pretty website is not a necessary requirement for an effective resume writing service. But when you see an outdated site with useless content throughout, it certainly ruins the first impression. That’s the case with ResumeStudio. You can’t help but think: they should’ve invested more in their website. It’s their resume for the customer, and they didn’t make it appealing.

There’s a lot of explanation for a simple resume writing service. The prices are extremely high, and they try to justify them by calling their service a program. You get the impression that you pay for some high-level training when you hire this company. You don’t. It’s just a resume writing service.