07 May

SelectResumes.com.au Review

When it becomes hard to make a new step towards career changes or job search creates a lot of troubles – you are not getting offered a dream job even having skills and experience needed to occupy the position – the best resume writing services come to a play. One of the popular services for creating documents in Australia you need to apply for the open positions is selectresumes.com.au.

This company has a bright website with numerous services offered. It was founded in 2008 and per their website serves 2,000 customers each year. With the unique approach they have created, they are capable of delivering quality resumes in time and help you to get hired faster.

Even being on the market for almost 10 years already, we were not able to locate Selectresumes reviews online, and to help you to make a weighted decision we decided to review this CV writing service ourselves.


07 May

ResumeWritingLab.com Review

Creating the perfect resume is not as easy as it sounds. We all think we can make the resume that will make a difference. But will it be professional enough? Will the hiring headquarters will agree with you that you have created a masterpiece of a resume. Most importantly, building a professional grade resume will take a lot of time.

So, what is the easy solution here? Apparently, ordering a resume from the best resume writing service is a great choice. But in that case, you are leaving the control to someone whom you don’t even know. So, checking out what others say about a resume writing service is always a wise decision.

Today, we will dissect the features, pricing policy, and the quality of the resume writing service called ResumeWritinglab.com. So, before you plan to order a resume from them, you should check out our experience and read our Resume Writing Lab review.
Let’s jump straight to the point!


19 Feb

ResumeWriterDirect.com Review: Are They Worth Your Time?

Resume writing service is not only a professionally designed website and stunning reviews, but also a team of experienced people with a background of writing stunning resumes and CVs in their area. And if you are here you are probably interested is ResumeWriterDirect company is one of such services.

ResumeWriterDirect.com team did an excellent job designing their website, and they tried to answer all questions job seekers might have and described all the steps to complete. Yet not all the information lies on the surface, and we are here to answer all possible questions you might have.

So, is this company the one that can help me with my job seeker’s needs? The answer to this question and even more in our ResumeWriterDirect review.


02 Nov

OaklandResumeWriting.com Review

Oaklandresumewriting.com is a strange writing company. We say this not only because of the messy website but also because of the way they operate. On the site, visitors can read about their services, but they cannot learn anything about the prices. You cannot even order there. There’s no order form. You need to call this company to get a quote, see if they can do your job application, and when.

It says here that you get your products in up to 5 days, but there’s no information about earlier deadline options, discounts, or features of any sort. We have reviewed many sites where you can instantly order or at least request bids on the website, but this is something entirely different. The idea of having to place an order on the phone for an online service to provide you with a resume is new to us, and a bit frustrating.


24 Sep

CapstoneResumes.com Review

A resume writing service should look very professional since, after all, they need to present you as a great candidate. This site has professional design, but not the reputation necessary to trust them.


16 Apr

TheResumeStudio.com Review: Do You Get What You Pay For?

A pretty website is not a necessary requirement for an effective resume writing service. But when you see an outdated site with useless content throughout, it certainly ruins the first impression. That’s the case with ResumeStudio. You can’t help but think: they should’ve invested more in their website. It’s their resume for the customer, and they didn’t make it appealing.

There’s a lot of explanation for a simple resume writing service. The prices are extremely high, and they try to justify them by calling their service a program. You get the impression that you pay for some high-level training when you hire this company. You don’t. It’s just a resume writing service.


20 Jan

MyPerfectResume.com Review: Is This a Real Resume Writing Service?

Let’s clarify it right from the start. No; it’s not a real resume writing service.
This website gives you a few templates, which you can use to build your own resume. There’s also a Resume Builder tool, which simplifies the process even further. You provide basic information, and you get it in the format of a resume.

MyPerfectResume is not the only resume builder online, but it’s one of the most popular ones. The problem with these tools is that they don’t give you a unique job application document. You get a generic resume that looks like many others other applicants submitted. The bigger problem is that My Perfect Resume wants to charge for something that you’re supposed to get for free.


20 Nov

Resume Place Review

Unlike most resume companies, Resume Place focuses on a single type of resume writing – federal resumes. This company has the job to provide customers with professional resume and a real shot at an interview, which should eventually bring them to a successful career in their field. However, the reputation of this company is hard to establish seeing how they have a very limited number of customers because of their extreme prices. (more…)

04 Nov

Inside Recruiter Review

Our first impression of this website was okay. The Inside Recruiter reviews in the form of videos are pretty nice. They don’t seem 100% genuine, but it’s easier to listen to a person speaking than to read tons of content at the site.

We liked the prices. They are relatively affordable for a person ready to pay for resumes.

However, we had a big problem with the quality the writers deliver. (more…)

31 Oct

Reszoome Review

Rezoome (or Reszoome as we found it differently spelled) is an aspiring writing service that attracts attention with quite a few logos at its website. It’s a member of the Professional

Association of Resume Writers, the National Resume Writers’ Association, and the International Association of Employment websites. Through our experience reviewing different services, we learned that these memberships don’t mean anything. They don’t reflect the quality of a service. (more…)