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Findmyprofession Review

Findmyprofession.com is a resume writing website like many others on the internet. However, they seem to have additional services that they use to attract customers to their services. Everyone is already writing resumes and updating LinkedIn profiles for a fee. FindMyProfession figured they could sweeten the deal by adding other professional services, such as career coaching and reverse recruiting.

Is this strategy working for them? Well, reading the find my profession reviews on their website says they have worked with a lot of people. These stellar reviews seem to give the company a thumbs up. In this find my profession review, we will look at what the company has to offer and what you can expect from the final product.

    • Findmyprofession.com Review

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  • Foundation year: 2015
  • Prices: from $395
  • Discounts: No
  • Deadline: from 3-5 Business Day
  • Guarantees: 1 Week Unlimited Revisions; 60-Day Interview Guarantee.

Special Features

Apart from having a simple and effective blog with the information you need to know as a job seeker, FindMyProfession also includes special features that caught our eye. They have Elite Career Coaching Services and Reverse Recruiting or Managed Job Search. These two features feel unique and crucial for those who may want more assistance other than the usual resume writing help.

The Elite Career Coaching services include such features as getting help with exploring career options. An expert can help you figure out your motivators, define your career goals and develop actionable plans to help you achieve those goals. The expert can also help you with the job search and tailor your resume to the jobs you are applying. They also help you to explore networking on LinkedIn based on your career. Under this package, the expert can help you get interview-ready by setting up mock interviews and so on.

The Reverse recruiting or managed job search feature gets you even closer to your dream job. An expert from FindMyProfession can help you find job opportunities that you like, fill out a job application based on your updated resume, network with recruiters to help land you a job, and help you prepare for the interviews.

Services Offered

FindMyProfression offers a number of resume writing services, including professional assistance with job-searching and interview coaching. However, these services are not cheap. The cheapest resume writing service will set you back $395. This is for the entry-level resume that doesn’t include a cover letter or a LinkedIn profile. You will have to pay extra to get the cover letter and the LinkedIn profile. The gold package will cost you even more, even though the quality of the resume remains the same.

The coaching and the job-searching services cost even more. For instance, if you want FindMyProfession to help you search for tailored jobs, you will have to pay for a 4-week period that costs $2500. All this just to find the appropriate jobs and tailor your resume.

Prices and Discounts

The resume writing packages are ridiculously expensive. For instance, the entry-level resume will cost you close to $400 without the cover letter and an updated LinkedIn profile. There are other specific resumes such as the Executive Resume Package that will cost you even more. One without a cover letter and a LinkedIn profile will set you back $795.

There are no discounts for any of the packages, although they promise you a 60-day interview guarantee. We are not sure whether this is true or not. Discounts, however small, can make a huge difference – especially when the rates are this high. We are certain there are many findmyprofession.com reviews that complain about the pricing.

The customer support system is 50-50 at best. They don’t have a chat bot that you can quickly access and ask basic questions. They have a customer support number that you have to call to access customer support. It’s worth noting that they allow you to call and talk to your resume writer and discuss your career expectations with them. You can also call the service after the first draft is sent to you.







Customer Service


Payment System


Website Usability


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