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Zipjob.com Review

Before we heard of Zipjob, we never knew that this website existed. This isn’t strange because the number of resume companies grows every day. The demand is big. More and more people choose to pay for help from resume experts to increase their chances at landing a job interview.

At a first glance, the site of Zip Job looks like any other website that sells resumes. It has a professional, appealing website design. However, after reading some of the Zipjob resume reviews from customers on reliable websites like Reddit, we learned that not all is as it seems on the site. The service has a seriously high number of bad Zipjob reviews, which makes it even more important for us to check their features.

    • ZipJob.com Review

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  • Foundation year: n/a
  • Prices: from $139
  • Discounts: no
  • Deadline: from 3 days
  • Guarantees: interview guarantee

Special Features

One of the special features on the site of this company is the interview guarantee. They don’t guarantee that you will get one, but if you don’t and you can prove it, they’ll make a revision. However, the waiting period for this is 60 days, which is more than most companies provide in their guarantees.

We didn’t find much else on special features when we researched for our Zipjob resume review. They also claim to have an ATS screening that they perform on your resume to make sure that it passes. Some employers use this, so it can be considered a benefit.

Zipjob homepage

Service review | Zipjob reviews

Services Offered

We must say, we are disappointed by the service range at zipjob.com. Not only do they have three options, but they only have packages. Plus, they seem to have some additional prices and actually recommend that you speak to a member of their customer support before you order. This beats the purpose of the price list and makes ordering here risky. We recommend checking with the support before you make an order.

In terms of those three services, this is all you’ll get at the service:

  • A launch resume package (resume, keyword optimization, 1-on-1 communication with the writer, and unlimited revisions). Interestingly, this part doesn’t really fit their information about communication with writers presented later on the same page, which says that only premium orders get this opportunity.

  • Fast track resume package (resume, cover letter, 60-day interview guarantee, as well as the features offered in the launch package). This also means that with the first package, the guarantee isn’t available.

  • Premium resume package (a combination of all the features above plus a LinkedIn update, future resume update, expedited delivery in 3 days, and work done by one of their best writers).

zipjob benefits

Prices and Discounts

The prices are per packages, but we seriously recommend that you check before you order. We found a statement that said there are additional costs for CV’s, federal resumes, as well as resumes that are longer than four pages.

The packages are highly priced, which makes this zipjob review slightly negative at this point. Compared to some others we’ve reviewed, even more popular than this one, zipjob.com is significantly more expensive. The cheapest package is $139 and is delivered within six days. This one isn’t really a package since you only get one product – a resume, and it doesn’t come with a guarantee. Without any discounts, the price is definitely higher than most would expect.

The two remaining packages cost $179 and $299, which is once again, a very high quote.

zipjob prices

Customer Service

We spoke to the support, but reaching them was hard. It takes a lot of time to get in touch with this service, but we’d still recommend the wait since it is the only way to make sure you won’t be charged more from your card.

You can only reach them on phone during their work hours, which are 9am to 6pm EST. Even then, they didn’t pick up on several occasions.

When an agent finally did, we spent even more time waiting for him to find the answers. He was completely and unbelievably uninformed about the company he worked for. It was so strange. We asked a couple of things and thankfully, for our order, the cost was as is stated on the website.

Website usability

The website is usable, but it contains strange information and data that requires further explanations. We checked everything for this free resume review, and at this point, we can tell you that the service doesn’t really state their offers and prices clearly.

Despite the good appearance of the website, it’s still a very vague one in terms of information.

zipjob order form


In summary, Zipjob.com is a legit service, but this doesn’t make it a good one. In fact, they have hidden fees that, if you don’t read all the content on the website, you’ll be charged without knowing. And that’s not all. We were not at all happy with the outcome and our resume. The support turned out to be really uninformed and hard to reach, while the prices are awfully high.

Authors bio: Isabelle Walden is an experienced HR and career development expert. She has been working in this field for over 8 years. Isabella is well acquainted with what requirements companies usually put forward when searching for employees and which resumes will help job seeker quickly find a job.

14 thoughts on “Zipjob.com Review

  1. This company is marketed as one of the best in the industry of resume writing so I approached them to work on my resume, cover letter and LinkedIn profile. Unfortunately, the writer did a poor job in encompassing all my experience despite successfully shortening my resume. Honestly, I am not sure how to feel and whether this version is better than my old and if it was worth it. –

  2. Having worked in online client services for many years, I respect the value of a company that can deliver and establish trust with its clients. I trusted Zip Job to deliver a quality service within a good amount of time, and quite frankly, I was disappointed by the turnaround time and the quality of the product delivered.

  3. I had a very worst experience in working with zipjob for resume writing service. Firstly, they did not deliver on time and the quality is not as good as my own version of resume. Poor service.

  4. This is just a plain scam to take your money. Was assigned a writer who, quote “I have been writing resumes professionally for more than 10 years, and I also possess an extensive career services background in higher education”, 3 days later I received resume with grammar and spelling errors.

    I still cant use the resume to submit to potential employers.

    Totally unimpressed!

    I feel this was a waste of $$$$.

  5. You are better off (and save money ) by just using a word formatted Resume. I paid for a professional re-write of my resume, what I received was a stripped down, one page, same bullet points I provided resume. There was no ‘Professional Profile’ no job descriptive paragraph for each position and no accomplishment bullet points (action verb, task, quantifiable result) When I questioned the writer, they stated it was ‘based on industry standards’. I asked what standard they are referring to? The reply I received was ‘if you are not happy you can request a new witter’. This company misleads consumers to believe they are providing a ‘service’ which in fact it is a total scam!! I demand a total refund and will never use the ‘resume’ they provide.

  6. ZipJob is a scam company and the same company as TopResume, TopCv, and CVknowhow. I’m a previous employee who dealt with the complaints on a everyday basis. They are the same company but lie and made a separate ownership so no one will know. They do not hire real writers anyone who says they can write is allowed to apply which is why so many people are disappointed with there resumes cause there are not real writers or even live in the U.S. half of the time. No one checks voicemails or even listens to them and if you don’t get a response from email it’s because they are so behind and have a team in South Africa answering the emails.

  7. Literally got twisted around on their site and an order went through for one of the more expensive packages. I emailed them the very instant it happened hoping to head off the charge and get it cancelled. They did not even respond to my first email. I sent a second and they said I could keep the “order” on hold or “gift” it to a family member. In other words they are not giving your money back.

    I write them back demanding a refund and they say they will issue one “perhaps” but with a 100 dollar penalty fee. I told them this is not acceptable, but I imagine I will have to go my bank with it.

    Avoid them. They would not do the things they are doing if they were a legitimate company.

  8. Scam company!! Do not work with them.
    I wasted over 300$ for NOTHING.
    they assigned me a resume writer that didnt even understand the difference between IT and software industry and argued with me that she knows better and if I was a software developer in a software company abroad I should write that I am an IT person. whaaaaatttt??? then she completely twisted all my original resume and anything I told her and as a result my job description was too far from the reality. When I called to complain I was reassigned to another writer but did not get to talk to him directly. He reviewed the resume again and rephrased the same thing. so I contacted them again – never heard back.

    complete waste of money!!

  9. Charged for services up front that were never delivered. My existing resume was not reformatted to be more functional and cannot be used to deliver better results. Writer prematurely closed assignment as completed, when the task at hand is and was far from completed. Materials for LinkedIn use were not produced or delivered. Company failed to complete work agreed to and refuses to refund the funds charged me. thieves!!!

  10. I was very excited to get a new resume written. They had me upload my old resume and answer a few questions. In my summary I informed them that my old resume was TERRIBLE as it had been written by another company that butchered it. When I got my first draft a day later, not only was everything basically copy and pasted despite my statement, the writer informed me that we had a remaining six days to work together. I marked up the resume and highlighted areas that didn’t make sense. He said he directly got it from a job post I submitted. I can copy and paste too!! Also, not every job post has been grammatically edited. Then I was met with quite an alarming attitude where my resume writer, Nathan, berated me about how he pulled right from my submitted resume and job submittals. If I liked my current resume and it was awesome, why the hell would I change and submit it? I have now sent three emails to the main email address asking for the policy where it says I have one week to work with them. Also, I was sent two paragraphs and some information on how to do my LinkedIn. UM, I paid you to do my LinkedIn, I can google information on how to do it. If I was skilled at resume writing and LinkedIn, I would do it myself. I was hoping from some creativity with my resume and have a writer who is friendly and actually likes their job and is wanting to make their people stand out. I am SO disappointed and in reality I do NOT get unlimited revision, my resume is going to be half done and my LinkedIn isn’t going to be done at all before the end of the day which is my final day working with my writer. Good luck getting a new job with this. I should have read the reviews. This meant a lot to me, and I had to work really hard to come up with the money to get it done. Now I am devastated with a resume that is terrible and writer who is detached, rude, and unskilled.

  11. TopResume and ZipJob ARE THE SAME COMPANY!!! DON’T USE THEM!!
    In November 2020, I paid for TopResume to rewrite my resume. The first draft was filled with grammatical errors, bolding errors, and spacing errors and was written by someone in a time zone 6 hours ahead of me, so communication was next to nil. I requested a new writer in the same time zone so I could get results quicker, it was granted, but It was like starting over with the same issues. I asked to stop the process and asked for a refund. After 36 emails, 2 writers, 4 different revisions, and speaking to 2 different customer support personnel, I was only given a 30% discount. IT TOOK 3 WEEKS WITH NO RESULTS!

    Fast forward to June 2021, trying not to have the same thing happen again, I did a lil more research on resume companies. Yet not wanting to pay too much for a rewrite, I went with ZipJob. This time I had switched career paths and had a list of certifications and licenses to add to my resume as well as in need of header explaining my lack of experience. After submitting my new information and explaining what I needed, my first writer did add what was asked, but had grammatical, bolding, and spacing issues as well as added a couple large blocks of color. When I addressed this, the writer had a snippy response and claimed the layout issue was my computers fault. I asked about moving my education/certifications to a different location on my resume, she cut and paste it and it looked horrible. I asked for a new writer and was granted. This is when I noticed the emails were the same as TopResume but just a different color. The new writer then left out all of my certifications and licenses, and just simply did NOT put them in when asked to do so. Called support AGAIN, this is where she asked what was the problem since my case was closed out since November 2020. This is where she said TopResume and Zipjob are ‘sister companies’. I asked why the new writer wouldn’t do what I needed for my new resume, she couldn’t answer. I demanded a full refund and a copy of the resume that wasn’t encrypted so I could use it on job finding websites. The offered a 40% discount and that’s it.


  12. This is the closest I have felt to being internet scammed ever. I paid and sent them my resume. They didnt get back to me as explained in the work timeline, I had to prompt them for the first draft and then never heard from them again, there were many obvious corrections that I flagged and requested feedback several times both to the writer and the company. Never heard from them. Basic things like skill set column were missing entirely. 3 weeks later I managed to speak to someone in their customer service who would absolutely not only NOT help me, but even though I had email trail proof that they never responded to my multiple proding she didn’t own up to absolutely anything. Money completely wasted. More important: time completely wasted and needs absolutely not met inn the least.

  13. I thought this would be an appropriate service to meet my need as an Accountant Contractor. When I attempted too sign up my card submission was not accepted after multiple attempts. And, yes the card is good. I then used another bank card. Same result. It appeared my cards were not going through. I found that very odd. As it turned out, I had a single charge of $299.00 on one account and two charges for $299.00 on my other account. Got a call from bank fraud unit. I contacted Zipjob customer service. The rep heard me out, wrote up some paperwork and supposedly, forwarded this to the appropriate department. I was promised a return phone call the next day regarding this matter. Guess what? Never got a call. No surprise there. Needless to say, the fraud claim is filed.

  14. Could have a better result by hiring a high school kid write my resume, seriously. They would at least know how to format a document so that it looks nice. They communicated constantly with me about trying to get me to buy “upgrades” but only a few times about my resume. Then they abruptly decided my service was complete when they realized I wouldn’t pay more.

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