20 Jan

MyPerfectResume.com Review: Is This a Real Resume Writing Service?

Let’s clarify it right from the start. No; it’s not a real resume writing service.
This website gives you a few templates, which you can use to build your own resume. There’s also a Resume Builder tool, which simplifies the process even further. You provide basic information, and you get it in the format of a resume.

MyPerfectResume is not the only resume builder online, but it’s one of the most popular ones. The problem with these tools is that they don’t give you a unique job application document. You get a generic resume that looks like many others other applicants submitted. The bigger problem is that My Perfect Resume wants to charge for something that you’re supposed to get for free.

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We can consider the Resume Builder to be the special feature of the site. Although it lets you customize the format up to a certain extent, you’ll still get a generic resume with it. You can change the color and font, but you’re not presenting something unique.

Job applicants will appreciate the tips that come with the resume builder. They explain how you should provide accurate information, create a compelling summary statement, include relevant skills, organize your work history section, and more. However, these tips are too general. If you know how to do these things, why would you need a resume builder in the first place? You would simply write your resume without any assistance.

The website lacks a detailed blog that explains how to write a resume with actionable tips. In that case, the resume building tool would be complete.

Services Offered

In addition to the tool that we already mentioned, you can download and use templates for resumes and cover letters. You’ll see a claim that you’ll find over 30 employer-tested templates in ten colors. That’s not a lot. It’s great that employers tested and approved these templates. But did they, really? When you look at them, they seem just like any other resume or cover letter template you would find online.

You’ll also see the claim “recruiter approved phrases.” Let’s clarify another thing: recruiters don’t have any approved phrases. They look at the application as a whole. Mainstream phrases are the last thing they want to see in it. They want your personality to shine through the application, and you won’t achieve that by going for “approved” phrases.

My Perfect Resume also claims that you’ll get step-by-step expert tips. “Our experts do the work for you – so get you the resume you need.” We’ll neglect the grammar issues with that sentence. Let’s focus on its essence: it’s misleading. This website doesn’t connect you with experts, who would do the work for you. It gives you basic tools for completing a generic job application document.

Prices and Discounts

The templates and the resume builder tool are offered for free.

Finally, that’s some good news about this website.

If you have good ideas on what to write but you’re not sure about the resume format, you’ll benefit from this offer. But if you have no idea what to do, the fact that MyPerfectResume is free means nothing to you.

Bad news: the tool isn’t completely free. If you want unlimited downloads of the resumes and cover letters that you create, you’ll have to commit to a subscription plan. The company doesn’t have a transparent pricing system, so you don’t know how much this subscription costs.

The homepage misleads you into believing that you’re getting all features for free. That’s the greatest flaw of MyPerfectResume.com. It convinces you that you’re getting free features, but then it tricks you into a paid subscription.

Customer Service

A great customer support department would change the reputation of this website. You would talk to an agent, who would guide you through the resume creation process. But there’s no such thing at MyPerfectResume.com

There is a “Contact Us” section with phone numbers for Canada, U.S., UK, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. Don’t even bother. No one answers.

You’re left with templates and software. If you can figure out how to use them to create a completely unique resume, then go for it. But if you need assistance from experts, then choose a real writing service with a great customer support team.

One thought on “MyPerfectResume.com Review: Is This a Real Resume Writing Service?

  1. I agree completely. This is exactly what I thought but couldn’t put so eloquently into words as you have. You have your same generic resume that’s been passed over by every company imaginable and all MyPerfectResume can do is make your resume look pretty and in different colors. I’ve read other negative reviews about the company and MANY others are upset about that charge at the end when they were misled to think it was free. I really feel bad for all the people who actually created their resume on the site in real time only to realize they couldn’t actually get their resume without paying. For what they have to offer, I also agree that it should be free.

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