13 Nov

CareerPerfect.com Review: Can the service help you to follow your career path?

CareerPerfect.com is a popular service which provides job seekers with different resume writing services, as well as other connected with job search services. It has full of a content website and perfect reviews from their customers published on the website. We have checked careerperfect customer reviews on other resources and found out that they are all different. From one star to five-star ones, so not to disappoint you we decided to make a research and create our own review for you.

We will be 100% honest and will find out if you should trust career perfect reviews published on their website.

    • CareerPerfect.com Review

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  • Foundation year: 1996
  • Prices: from $179.95
  • Discounts: yes
  • Deadline: from 4 days
  • Guarantees: free revisions

Special Features

The main advantage of the website is a number of different resources for the job seekers they offer. For free you can get access to resume samples, showcasing the writing style, articles for job seekers and different human resources market researches. To verify how the team is qualified we checked published samples and found several mistakes in them. It seems that they are not written by English native speaker, so there are issues with word usage.

The team offers a paid subscription for job seekers and interview resources. These resources are aimed to help you to prepare for the new job. A six-month subscription costs 30 USD, and with it, you’ll get unlimited access to Interview Smart program. We have tried a free trial on the website and if you spend a little bit more time on interview preparation, you can find all these resources on the Internet.

Services Offered

Besides its paid subscription to the online resources, Career perfect offers a variety of different services to its clients. These include general resume writing, preparation for the interview, federal and government resume writing, CVs, career planning advice and job seekers advice. These services are not cheap, and the majority of them are just the materials and training to prepare you for the job interview. Yet, no one guarantees that their advice and resources will help you to get a job of your dream.

We also noticed that there are no LinkedIn profile creation services. These services are very important for the modern job seekers since HR professionals are usually checking LinkedIn profiles before inviting you to the interview. And if you don’t have one, or it is not of the highest quality they will probably not to invite you.

Also, we didn’t found any information about job boards. Usually, job seekers having in mind that they need to submit their resume to different job boards to get interview invitations from the companies which prefer not to share their open vacancies online. That is why it is a good idea to provide job boards’ submission service which is absent at Career Perfect website.

Prices and Discounts part

If you are looking for a job, you are probably not able to spend much. Job change usually requires different spending’s. These are transportation, resume writing, new clothes purchase and even more. Moreover, companies are usually paying on a definite day, so if you came to the company just after the salary you need to be ready to work at least a month to get a salary, and if you left the previous job some time ago, you are very limited with your budget.

So while checking CareerPerfect service we found it very expensive. For example, ready resume editing service for entry level is 139 USD and cover letter writing is more than 80 USD. And executive resume will cost you about 500 USD.

There is no careerperfect.com discount code available on the website, so you cannot save money for extras they are offering for a fee.

Customer service

When you are ordering online you expect to receive the support any time you need it. Yet, this service provides support Monday through Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. ET via phone and email so if you are in another time zone working with them might not be comfortable for you. If you need help other time, the customer care is not available. There is no instant chat option as well.

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