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TheResumeCenter.com Review

Theresumecenter.com is not your ordinary writing service. On the opposite, we cannot really define this company as a writing service that would serve students, because its main and only focus is set on providing resumes. This makes the audience much wider than only students, and therefore, the prices aren’t specially set to fit the average student’s budget.

Regardless, we decided to proceed with our research to determine whether the company is a quality provider or another scam service. Theresumecenter reviews are extremely varied, making it impossible for you to anticipate what kind of resume the writers employed here would deliver. To assist you in learning the answer to these questions, we checked the company step by step.

    • TheResumeCenter.com Review

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  • Foundation year: 1998
  • Prices: from $35
  • Discounts: no
  • Deadline: from 51 hours
  • Guarantees: money back guarantee

Special Features

Special features are included in the packages for resume writing. You can either choose to order a CV or resume, or select one of the three ‘bundles’. When you pay the price for any of these bundles, you get special features as an addition to the writing service.

The Standard bundle includes resume or CV writing, direct messaging and multiple revisions. The Senior Consultant bundle gets you a resume or CV that is written by the A-team senior consultants, combined with direct messaging, multiple revisions, and online video or personal call from the consultant that is working on the resume.

And finally, the highest priced bundle is the one provided by the company’s best-selling author, James Innes. He is a British entrepreneur and the writer of several career help books. This bundle offers all features from the other two, but with the special benefit of having their expert working on your resume.

Services Offered

There are various services you can get at this company, and they are all focused on getting you the job you want. In addition to CVs and resumes, as well as cover letters and LinkedIn profiles, Theresumecenter offers interview coaching that prepares the candidate for the job.

Other than the job-focused services, you will find nothing else at Theresumecenter.

This is certainly not a small list, and would be very valuable to those who seek help with their job applications. The company offers to shape a person’s social media image, translate work documents, edit a business photo, and write a personal statement.

As we mentioned, these services can be chosen separately or in bundles. Considering that the prices aren’t very low to begin with, you may want to plan ahead and choose a bundle to save some money in the long run. However, many would find the bundles very pricey, especially the James Innes’ offer. To get a single resume or CV with this expert’s help, one has to spend $525!

In addition to the three abovementioned bundles, customers can choose other packages, too. For example, the ‘5 Letter Pack’ combines a speculative letter, application follow-up letter, advertisement response letter, thank you letter, and a resignation letter. The last one came as a huge surprise to us, because the company’s goal is to help people get a job, not find it to resign the post.

It is a rather ridiculous offer, but it is included in the package. When we saw it, we couldn’t stop but wonder – who would choose a package that will get him the job, and help him resign his post afterwards?

The final bundle worth mentioning is the ‘Online Presence Bundle’. This one if more realistic and combines the Social Scrub service, LinkedIn profile rewrite, and Photo-JIG services.

Prices and Discounts

We mentioned that the prices are a bit steep, but to give you a better idea, here are some examples of what you can expect:

  • The online presence bundle would cost you $170 (Theresumecenter.com claims that this is a discounted offer, since the original offer was incredibly high $225)

  • Social scrub service alone costs $105

  • A rewrite of your existing LinkedIn profile comes at a rate of $55

  • The 5 letter pack costs $75, while a cover letter alone costs $25

  • A targeted job criteria response letter is highly-priced – $145

  • Application forms cost $75, but if you want to apply to major organizations, you’d have to pay $145

  • This came as the biggest surprise – a University personal statement costs incredible $110, same as an employment personal statement

Unfortunately, you haven’t heard the worst news about the prices. Some of the offers are ridiculously expensive, while others are realistic and acceptable. However, the lack of a discount poses a much bigger problem.

From what we could learn by checking the website, returning customers don’t really enjoy a benefit because they are loyal to the service. The only thing theresumecenter.com offers to existing customers is an additional version of the resume ($35) and a resume update ($30).

As for a resume writing group coupon or code, there is none. We found no information of the kind online, in feedback from customers, or on the company’s website. Our best guess was that the service offers those packages as some kind of a discounted offer if you order more services. But, that isn’t really a discount, isn’t it?

Surely, resume writing services cannot really offer a first-time discount because most customers of such services do not need help regularly. But, a discount for a returning customer would surely be appreciated.

Customer service

We had many complaints about the website, and few about our resume. The packages were a bit pricey, but we still decided to order the 5 letter pack to see what the resignation letter was all about. Apparently, this was the extra letter the writers provided in case you don’t like the job after you get it. Still, it did not really clear the confusion.

So, we decided not to draw all conclusions from customer reviews, mostly because the reviews on the site were very different from those on the Web. This is not strange or uncommon, because most companies decide to publish positive feedback only.

Contacting the customer service was a torture. This is a highly priced service that is said to offer resume help within hours, and yet, the only way to get in touch with them is via e-mail or phone. If you decide to request a call back, you’ll have to wait for over an hour to get a call. So, if you are in a hurry, your best option is to call them directly. There is no live chat you can use to reach them.

The customer service is very professional and helpful, but they didn’t offer any discount. We were informed that at this point, there are no discount codes or special offers, but they may introduce some in the future.

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