16 Apr

TheResumeStudio.com Review: Do You Get What You Pay For?

A pretty website is not a necessary requirement for an effective resume writing service. But when you see an outdated site with useless content throughout, it certainly ruins the first impression. That’s the case with ResumeStudio. You can’t help but think: they should’ve invested more in their website. It’s their resume for the customer, and they didn’t make it appealing.

There’s a lot of explanation for a simple resume writing service. The prices are extremely high, and they try to justify them by calling their service a program. You get the impression that you pay for some high-level training when you hire this company. You don’t. It’s just a resume writing service.

    • TheResumeStudio.com Review

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  • Foundational year: 2003
  • Prices: From $1950
  • Discounts: No
  • Deadline: 4 weeks at a minimum
  • Guarantees: None

Special Features

There are two programs that TheResumeStudio offers in addition to simple resume writing. If you don’t have a specific career direction, you can pay for coaching here. You’ll get a resume and a cover letter, but you’ll also get training on how to use LinkedIn. This option also gives you templates for a thank you letter (and email), salary history sheet, and references sheet.

You can’t get any of these special features if you pay for the simple resume at the website. You can’t add special features for a low fee. If you like any of them, you have to pay the full price for a program (which will be pretty high).

Services Offered

The “rapid-fire resume design package” is the main service offered at this site. It gives you a simple document that targets the career goals you have at the moment. You need to have a resume first. You’ll submit it, and the writer will improve it.

In this package you can add a cover letter kit (there’s no explanation for this type of service, so you don’t know what exactly you receive). You also get templates for a thank you letter, salary history sheet, and references sheet. These are add-ons that require additional payments.

The problem is that The Resume Studio takes at least four weeks to deliver a simple resume. It’s maintained by the founder, who’s the only writer. This is what he says: “I offer only one package at a time, so timing is often limited and a wait isn’t uncommon.” It means that you’ll wait in turn, so you can expect a delay. That’s a big problem when you need to submit a job application ASAP.

Prices and Discounts

This is where the problems begin. The “programs” may seem attractive when you first read about them. But when you see the prices, you’ll have second thoughts. It’s a bit difficult to find the prices at the website, but look for the Resume Studio’s Packages & Programs matrix. Yes; the author calls this price chart a matrix. You’ll notice that they use weird terms all the time. The intention is to make you think that you’re getting something very special. Don’t be tricked; this is just a resume writing service that doesn’t deliver good value for your money.

This is what the “matrix” says:

  • A simple resume will cost you $1950. There’s no add-on for this price. No discount. You pay for a resume and that’s what you’ll get.
  • If you want to get LinkedIn profile writing help, you’ll pay $2K for this service alone. If you buy it alongside a resume, the price is lower ($750). For that price, you get 3 hours of coaching. If you already bought a resume and you decide to add this service later on, you’ll pay $1250 for it.
  • One-page executive bio costs $1500 when purchased alone, or $750 when bought with a resume.
  • The Career Planner / Changer Program costs $2850. It explores 1-3 career directions for you. You get consultations over 4-12 weeks (11.5 hours in total).
  • The Career Explorer Program costs $3750. You get to explore over four career directions with your consultant. It’s a 15-hour project that takes 12 to 20 weeks.

Customer Service

There’s no customer support at TheResumeStudio.com. The founder started the service alone. He didn’t hire other writers, and he didn’t bother providing proper support for the customers, who pay a lot of money for these programs. If you have any issues, you’ll have to deal with the founder of the service. He’s busy with other orders, so don’t expect to get priority even if your documents are late.

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