08 Dec

Resume Strong Review

As you are planning to get your resume done by professionals, you might be thinking about taking help from Resume Strong. Before you make up your mind, we want to say STOP. There are a lot of things that you should know about before making a concrete decision. Why are we making such massive accusation against a service? There are plenty of reasons for us to warn you, and that is what we are going to tell you in details in this ResumeStrong review.

      • Resume Strong Review

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    Special Features

    If you are looking for unique features from this website, you are out of luck. We scrutinized the website for information about their services. We couldn’t find the essential services that a resume writing service should provide let along the special features.

    There is only one thing that we can mention as a positive side of their service is that they have cheap packages that are rare in the field of resume writing services.

    resume strong homepage

    Services Offered

    They have three simple resume writing packages mentioned on the website:

    • Silver,
    • Gold,
    • Platinum.

    As per their claim, they can help you with resumes and cover letters only.
    Although they have three different packages, their packages don’t have many differences among them. All of the packages look awfully similar!

    To be frank, their website has all the signs laying around that you would find in a scam website. They don’t give a detailed idea about their company or have an exact business location!

    resume strong benefits

    In their website, they have mentioned this exact quote “Appointments: Not required, additional service charge.” Since we saw this line, we started getting suspicious about their legitimacy. Moreover, the website looks poorly designed as if someone did all the works in a hurry. It seems like a website built in early 2000 and never has been updated since then!

    Whenever you are making a purchase or deciding to purchase from online, you should look for these signs, always!

    Pricing and Discount

    They have a pricing policy that you can simply call dirt cheap. As we have mentioned earlier, they have only three resume writing packages. Check out the pricing of the packages below:

    Package Name Price
    Silver $72
    Gold $89
    Platinum $139

    All the projects have the same due period of 72 hours. If you are not happy with your resume, you cannot ask for refunds either. They are willing to make edits but revises but you will not get your money back. It is another point that should make you suspicious about their activities.

    What about offering discounts? Yes, they offer discounts. You can get the Platinum package for the price of the Gold package. It means that the Platinum package would cost $89 rather than $139. However, it is a limited time offer, and you might not get it always.

    resume strong prices

    Customer Support

    While current resume services have three popular modes of communication (phone call, live chat, and email), ResumeStrong.com doesn’t have that. You can only contact them through email. So, they lack all the modern features of resume writing services.

    As we are on the point of customer support, there is one story that we want to share from one of their clients. One of their clients asked them for a nursing resume and had three years gap in his professional gap. The resume writer filled in the void by adding imaginary voluntary works! Once the client asked the writer to remove the false information from the resume, the writer started acting ignorant and dropped the customer off!

    Yes, the service is that much unprofessional. And guess what, the customer didn’t even get the money back either!

    Website Usability

    We have a serious issue with the website’s UI. The site looks too shabby. You cannot find any sample of previous works from the website. You cannot find anything about the company from the about page other than some cheap marketing contents. Moreover, there is no security certification of the website, so there is no guarantee that your transactions would be safe in their hands.

    In a simple word, the website looks dull and pale and fails to trigger any interest among the users. If they are planning to be successful in their business, they should work hard on their website. Only a complete do-over can save them now.


    So, in the finishing of the ResumeStrong review, we want to warn you about their services. There are a lot of excellent resume writing services out there who could do justice to your hard-earned money and create a truly remarkable resume. Other than being cheap, ResumeStrong doesn’t have any positive feature that we could talk about. Moreover, their website’s design, missing information about company details, and lack of security certifications and making them look like illegitimate and scam website. We strongly recommend you NOT to use their services.

    Authors bio: Isabelle Walden is an experienced HR and career development expert. She has been working in this field for over 8 years. Isabella is well acquainted with what requirements companies usually put forward when searching for employees and which resumes will help job seeker quickly find a job.

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