19 Jul

ResumeWriterDirect.com Review: Are They Worth Your Time?

Resume writing service is not only a professionally designed website and stunning reviews, but also a team of experienced people with a background of writing stunning resumes and CVs in their area. And if you are here you are probably interested is ResumeWriterDirect company is one of such services.

ResumeWriterDirect.com team did an excellent job designing their website, and they tried to answer all questions job seekers might have and described all the steps to complete. Yet not all the information lies on the surface, and we are here to answer all possible questions you might have.

So, is this company the one that can help me with my job seeker’s needs? The answer to this question and even more in our ResumeWriterDirect review.

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  •     Foundation year: 2011
  •     Prices: from $99
  •     Discounts: No
  •     Deadline: 3 days
  •     Guarantees: Satisfaction and money-back guarantee.

Special features

In this review, we decided to start with special features the resume writing service like ResumeWriterDirect may offer. These features usually include phone consultations, employee training, resume submission, or other similar services to support your job seeking activity.

Yet, if we review ResumeWriterDirect.com, we will not find any you can add as an extra to your order. This company is mainly focused on creating your profile as an expert and other support you may get from professional career building coaches that charge hourly. With this company, you will get all the papers and profiles you need to be successful in your job search. Among them are not only resume and CV writing, but also various letters and LinkedIn profile improvement.

Moreover, this Resume Writer Direct provides a keyword optimization service, so your resume written by an expert will be optimized to pass any kind of filters and software human resources professionals are using.

Services Offered

What can resume writing services offer except resume writing? Such services usually have an exhaustive list of various papers and assistance a job seeker might need. When writing our review of Resume Writer Direct we found a lot of information that they can provide you with. Here we decided to give you an outline. If you are interested in ordering here, you will get a basic view of them.

The types of services include resume and CV writing, LinkedIn profile writing, cover, and thank-you letter writing. Each of them will be optimized, and you will have seven days to as for the changes that might be needed. Moreover, you may ask for a custom design and structure to make sure your resume stands out from others.

As the types of resumes ResumeWriterDirect.com delivers, these are entry, executive, professional, military, nursing, federal or governmental.

Not many Resume Writer Direct reviews we found online could provide you with so many details about this company, and we will be sharing more in our next sections.

Prices and discounts

When you are ordering resume writing online, you search for affordable yet professional ones. So, for our Resume Writer Direct review, we decided to compare this company with other career-building services online. Here the price for service depends on the employee experience and niche and the package you choose; as we mentioned before, there are six types of resumes based on expertise and three packages under each.

The cheapest package, the entry one costs $99. This package includes resume writing only. Such a service on other websites costs the same. If we review executive level resume here, basic resume package will be $199, and others are a little bit cheaper. Overall, the company offers average on the market prices.

It is essential to include in our ResumeWriterDirect.com review that the company does not have any discounts or special offers for new and returning customers. So, there is no reason to stick with the team if you are looking for a long-term partner to update your details from time to time.

Customer service

Customer Service is one of the most essential parts of our ResumeWriterDirect review since most companies fail to provide fair customer service to their client. This team offers support via phone, email, and chat that can be found on the website. To get connected with an operator you need to wait for some time. The support team at Resume Writer Direct does not operate 24/7, and we could not find its working hours.

Nevertheless, every time we contacted them with our questions, they were answering them in a timely manner. It applies to phone and chat, but the email tool longer than 24 hours to get a reply.

The agents we spoke with were polite and professional; we got answers to all our questions and were happy with the service.

We cannot tell if ResumeWriterDirect.com is a bad or good company since we have a neutral feeling about them. It is just another resume writing company offering the same.

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