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ResumeWritingGroup.com Review: Can they help you to get a dream job?

Finding a new job can be hard and very time-consuming. You need to prepare a lot of different papers before a search for the new position. Your resume, CV, LinkedIn profile and even a cover letter must meet all the requirements of your chosen career path and catch the eye of HR specialist.

ResumeWritingGroup is not a new service and it operates on the market for many years already. It has completed a lot of different packages for job seekers and can become the right choice for the person who would like to invest in the future. However, there are a lot of resume writing group reviews which are not very positive. These reviews encouraged us to create our own and answer the main question you as a job seeker have: can they help me to find a new job?

    • ResumeWritingGroup.com Review

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  • Foundation year: 2005
  • Prices: from $89
  • Discounts: no
  • Deadline: n/a
  • Guarantees: money back guarantee, interview guarantee

Special Features

The main feature of ResumeWritingGroup website is numerous resources which can help a job seeker. These are resume writing and cover letter writing tips, various interview tips, numerous job seeker resources, samples and other content you can find useful while searching for a new job. In addition to job seeker resources, they publish different other content connected with business profile building. Why not get job offers even not searching for them? Here you can find answers how to start business networking and connect with thousands of prospective employers.

In addition, you can get a career coaching service which is a benefit for the one who is going to change the career path and apply for the dream job. Would you like to be a manager? Senior engineer? CIO? CTO? This training was developed for you. Yet, it is quite expensive comparing what other career services offer.

Services offered

Are you wondering what resume writing services can offer except writing a resume, CV or setting up a LinkedIn profile? That’s easy – career path services are not just focused on writing, they may also include other related services like preparation for the interview, submitting your application to open vacancies, publishing your resume on the major job seekers platforms and much more. Of course, it is not cheap services and this resume team offers almost all of them, except the sending out your resume to the open vacancies and to professional HR specialists.

In addition to the resume writing, you can order different writings connected with job seeking, these are cover letters and follow-ups, keyword targeting of the resume and several others. According to the major review, these teams deliver not the highest quality resumes and CVs, but these resumes win hearts of HR professionals and usually lead to the hiring, otherwise, they have a money back guarantee and it is a nice option.

As for the coaching and counseling services they provide they are different from other services on the market, since they provide limited consultations for the high price and other teams usually focused on a monthly subscription plans allowing them to work closely with a job seeker for some period of time and give them unlimited access to the all needed resources.

Prices and Discounts

When we talk about the cost of such services, we need to understand that usually, job seekers are not ready to pay a lot even for the best quality resume writing and career consulting service. Why? Because such people are not searching for a great career opportunity, but for the help to find a position which fits their financial needs (and in most cases, they are not employed). ResumeWritingGroup offers average on the market prices and you can get help for 89 USD if you are entry level professional (just graduated from the college or university and don’t have real work experience) or 199 USD if you are willing to get the high-level executive position because you have enough experience and expertise for that.

Following our experience with other resume writing services, we tried to find resume writing group coupon code to see how the job seeker can reduce the price for the service or a loyalty program which may help a person from time to time reduce costs while ordering from them. Unfortunately, they don’t have any discount option or a free feature offered to a client who would like to save several dollars on resume writing. It’s a pity that they don’t have such an option on the website, this can be a competitive advantage and makes them stand out from other services on the market.

Customer service

Customer service and support are the important part of any online business. It is good to be able to get help from a live person anytime the question or issue arises. Here you have two support options: email and phone. The chat option is missing. Phone support available Monday-Friday from 9 am – 6 pm east coast time (U.S.) and email turnaround is about 2 hours and in some cases even less.

ResumeWritingGroup.com is one of the most common resume writing services you can find online. They have support and average on the market prices. In addition, they have a nice career training service you can use to get ready for the interview.

3 thoughts on “ResumeWritingGroup.com Review: Can they help you to get a dream job?

  1. I ordered a resume late at night and they were the only ones online with live chat and phone support. The rep had great personality and product knowledge. Resume came out even greater and only took a day and a half!

  2. This has been a mind numbing process. First off, note that communication for the most part is done through non-reply tickets and they steer you to their site with passwords and “form” communication. In roughly 36 hours after paying (still can’t find the itemized receipt) I received 7-8 emails about their up selling services and marketing referrals. Go to their page to communicate with your resume writer and it is the same thing. Up selling and icons for referrals and gratuities.

    When you select your initial service(s) and proceed to checkout you have a surprise: additional costs for how many years you have worked. I had to pay $34.00 extra for my extended work history. Okay, I get that requires more time but be up front about it. Instead you spend 10 minutes on answering questions and then they add this. And again they constantly try to up sell. I hate the junk mail and also wading through the junk to get what I paid for on their site.
    So I ordered a cover letter ($69.00) and resume ($153.00) and for some reason they added the $89.00 for linkedin (it took a phone call, chat session and email to get this removed.)
    When I received my resume the cover letter was page 3 of the resume. Most job applications require these to be submitted separately. No, problem I have MS Word and can separate them but when I did it screwed up the formatting and color scheme. I requested two separate docs. from my writer and then all heck broke lose. I spent half a day and several emails/agruments trying to get two separate docs. I was first told how to copy/paste (I had already did the exact same thing). Then I was referred to the help archives. Then I informed them that I paid for two docs and just to send them separately. I received one doc. (the cover letter). What a nightmare of customer service with this company. Yes, I made my own revisions and chalked this up as another internet company that’s just trying to make as much money as possible and customer service is an after thought. Save yourself a headache and look elsewhere for resume services.

  3. As for a resume outline and organization, I would give the biggest OK only Other than that the work, the words, and everything was copied from somewhere else to my resume or used the same terms from my resume.

    A generic resume was written poorly and I contacted them within 2 weeks but they assured me it was a good resume and the general manager “Heather Todd” replied saying “I check the work myself” so I decided to give them a chance.

    Now after 3 months I asked for a refund because the resume sucks and doesn’t get me any interviews. They refuse to pay me back and they are playing the terms and conditions game.
    This isn’t fair, I know it’s less than $200 but I don’t think you deserve it.
    The way they are marketing the “GUARANTEED” shows you how they are confident of their work but instead they have rules BURIED in the terms and conditions
    1. You are and have been UNEMPLOYED since time of purchase and are not currently paying ANY state, province or Federal taxes. (Working in ANY position–even if it’s one you held prior to receiving your new resume — voids our offer).
    2. You provide verifiable certified mail and/or fax receipts for at least 40 resume mailings/faxes submitted over the course of the FIRST 45 DAYS of receipt of resume WITHIN no later than 90 DAYS from receipt of your resume as stated in the guarantee terms.
    3. At our discretion, an investigator may request additional information.

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