02 Aug

Resume Edge Review: Does It Offer the Quality You Need?

ResumeEdge has announced that they will no longer continue writing resumes to their customers all over the world since February 12, 2017.

ResumeEdge is quite a popular resume writing service. It offers most, but not all types of services a job applicant might need. Currently, there’s a notification about changes coming up at the website. We don’t know what those changes will be. The current ResumeEdge reviews are relatively positive, but we’ll have to see if this company will remain with its reputation intact after those changes take action.

Now, the question is: will this service deliver the quality you need for the price you’re willing to pay? As always, we’ll evaluate several aspects of the service to see if it’s well worth the money.

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Special Features

There’s a resume builder at the website. The template has been designed by the professional writers at ResumeEdge. The builder takes you through all steps of resume completion, and all you need to do is insert correct information. Currently, the website is a bit unclear in that section. We’re expecting to see changes there.

There’s also a blog offering tips for job seekers. You’ll find strategies on how to make progress in the job searching process, but you’ll also see rather irrelevant posts. There’s a category named samples, which you can check out if you want to craft your own resume. The blog is not being updated frequently, but it’s worth taking a look at.

As always, we’re glad to see a service that’s doing something more to help job seekers. The blog is a huge plus.

Services Offered

In the main menu, you see two types of services listed:

  • Resume writing
  • Cover letters

Resume writing is available in 3 levels: Entry, Professional, and Executive. As you can see, there’s no Military or Military-to-Civilian category available here. However, you can contact the customer support to see if such resumes are available under the main levels.

For a resume, you need to complete an online questionnaire, the writer calls you for an interview, and you can expect the first draft to be ready in 3 days. From there on, you’ll have 7 days to request revisions. It remains unclear when exactly you’ll get the polished out resume after you request those revisions.

When you order a cover letter, the process comes without a phone interview. All other steps are the same.

Resumes and cover letters are not all this company offers. Somewhere along the menus, you’ll also find a service named Social Profile Writing. In other words, it’s LinkedIn profile creation.

You’ll notice there’s something the list of services lacks: editing. If you already have a resume, cover letter or LinkedIn profile, you can’t get them edited through ResumeEdge.com. You’ll have to get writing from scratch, and that costs more than editing.

Bottom line is, the list of services is rather limited. Still, job applicants of different categories can get their resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles written by these writers. The company does not offer CVs or thank you/follow up letters.

Prices and Discounts

Currently, ResumeEdge is on a break. There’s a clear notification you see the moment you land at the website: Change is coming. They say the site will be temporarily unavailable to new users. They encourage you to keep checking the website for more information.

That being said, this used to be one of the more expensive services in this industry. An entry-level resume (recommended for applicants with 0-2 years of experience) was priced at $199. A professional-level resume used to cost $249, and a resume of Executive level came with a price of $399.

No matter how great the quality is, paying $399 for a resume is too much. However, this service was known for the quality it delivered. It’s not the first choice for people looking for an affordable resume, but it’s a safe bet for those who have the money and want to spend it on a good job application document.

Will the service reduce the prices under the influence of the competition? Job applicants can get equally good quality for a way more affordable price elsewhere, so maybe that was the reason why Resume Edge decided to make changes? We’ll just have to wait and see.

The resume writing industry is getting more competitive by the day. New services are constantly coming up. Not all competitive websites are good, but some of them are good enough. Change is necessary, and we applaud this company for making that step forward. We’re just sorry it’s taking so long to see the revamped design.

Customer Service

There’s no claim that the customer service center will be with you 24/7. You can always send them an email if you want to contact them during after-work hours, but you’ll have to wait for your answer. The company features a phone number at the website. The lines are open 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Mail and fax are also available as options. You can check out the service on social media profiles, but most of them are inactive. Finally, there’s a live chat feature available, but we’ll have to wait for the new design of the service to see it work.

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