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ResumeWriters.com: Most Trusted and Most Experienced?

When you enter the website of ResumeWriters, you see bold claims: according to the team, this is the most experienced, most popular, and most trusted resume service… in the world! Is that really the case? This is one of the old-timers in the industry. It’s in the business for 19+ years. It guarantees you to get a job interview, otherwise you can request for a resume re-write.

If this is the most experienced, most popular and most trusted service, then why aren’t we seeing any positive ResumeWriters.com Yelp reviews? Yes, the website looks nice and most services a job applicant needs are available. We evaluated different aspects of the service and we give you a detailed, unbiased ResumeWriters review.

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  • Foundation year: 1999
  • Prices: from $169.95
  • Discounts: No
  • Deadline: from 24 hours
  • Guarantees: free revision, interview invitation guarantee

Special Features

resumewriters.com homepage

We can consider the interview guarantee to be a special feature of this service. You don’t see such a guarantee on all websites in this industry. Basically, ResumeWriters guarantees the resume they complete will get you an interview. If that’s doesn’t the case, they will rewrite your resume until you get an interview.

This is a problematic guarantee. What if you keep sending the resume to job ads you don’t qualify for? Clearly, you won’t be getting interviews. That’s why it’s important to go through the terms and conditions, so you’ll clearly understand your rights as a customer before you start using the service. That’s where the problem is. In the terms, ResumeWriters.com claims it makes no claims or guarantees regarding the success of its services.

Services Offered

resumewriters.com services

The versatility of services is this company’s highlight. There are all kinds of job application documents, including some that are not available at other websites.

First of all, there’s a special category of student/grad resume services. This is a category that usually falls under Entry at other websites, but ResumeWriters.com benefits from the specification. When you have no experience and all you can list in the resume are courses, crafting the perfect job application can be a problem. These writers are experienced with this category of job applicants, so addressing their specific needs is a good thing.

In addition to student-level resume writing services, the company also delivers resumes of Professional and Executive level. Career change, as well as military/civilian and tech/IT resumes are also available.

The company is not focused on delivering only resumes. CVs are also available. You can also get your cover letter written. However, when you click on Cover Letters, you’re taken to the old website of the company, which looks plain and outdated. When a resume writing service improves its website, it’s always a good thing. However, we can’t be impressed when we see that the process was incomplete.

Finally, LinkedIn profile writing is also available at ResumeWriters.com.

Editing services are not available for any of the products. If you already have your resume and you just want it improved, you’ll have to pay the full price for resume writing if you choose this service.

Prices and Discounts

resumewriters.com prices

This is not one of the most affordable services out there. ResumeWriters emphasizes its reputation all the time. It claims to be the most experienced and most trusted service after all, so you don’t expect to see the most affordable prices in that combination.

The resumes come with the following prices, depending on the category:

  • $169.95 for Student/Grad resume
  • $199.95 for Professional resume
  • $299.95, $369.95 or $389.95 for Executive Silver, Gold or Platinum resume, respectively
  • $169.95 for a Military Transition resume
  • $249.95 for Career Change resume
  • $229.95 for IT resume

A CV costs $299.95 at this website, and you can get a cover letter for $90. It would be nice to get a ResumeWriters.com coupon code, wouldn’t it? Unfortunately, there’s no ResumeWriters coupon featured at the website.

However, you do get a ResumeWriters discount when you get a package of services. If, for example, you want a CV and cover letter, you can get those services in a package with a price of $369.95. If you get the complete CV arsenal package, you’ll also get an electronic version of the CV, a scannable CV, and a post-interview, follow up letter. This package costs $389.95. Although it’s supposed to save you $100, it’s still very expensive when compared to other services.

When you access the order form, you’re able to select different services as add-ons to the package. If, for example, you access the order form trying to order a CV, the company will offer you LinkedIn profile writing for $90 and resume distribution for $75.

resumewriters.com review guarantee

Customer Service

The customer support system of ResumeWriters.com is not impressive. All you get is a phone number and an email. It takes a bit of time for the agents to respond to the emails, so you’ll have to wait for days if you try to contact them that way. There’s also a toll-free phone number featured at the website, but the representatives are not always available to attend you.

There’s no live chat. For a service that claims to be the best in the industry, the lack of proper customer support is a big problem.

resumewriters.com example

Website usability

It’s probably not the first thing you see (it probably should), but there’s a tiny inscription at the top of the website that reads “The #1 Resume Writing Service in the world.” This makes you wonder if the statement is an afterthought or whether Resumewriters actually believe in it. The other thing that you can clearly notice is the big picture (we can’t tell whether these are staff members) that clearly doesn’t fit. The image itself looks like a stock image. These are the first signs that website designers didn’t make an effort to try and create a powerful first impression.

However, everything else seems to be in order apart from the things the website designers neglected. The site is easy to navigate and has clear information about different service elements. You can easily access their services, navigate the pricing section, and review testimonials. The website uses a single color (blue) uniformly and does it well. The homepage has information about what you can expect from the service.

Navigating to other pages is a breeze. The website loads faster. However, the sub-pages aren’t as professionally done as you’d hope from a top organization. You get the impression that the website is cheaply done. For instance, there is very little information on their FAQ page. In fact, there is only one question that they purport to answer.

Resume Writers Reviews – Conclusion

“One-on-one resume writing that guarantees the best results.” This is what Resumewriters say they can do for you. That they will assign you an expert writer to work on your resume, and all you have to do is tell them what makes you happy. One wonders whether this is the best approach for a reputable resume writing service. If you want your resume written, shouldn’t the writer know what to write based on the information you provide when asking them to help you?

We have gone through the best sites with resume writer reviews to see whether this website actually does what it promises. We found plenty of feedback that seems to say the opposite. Resumewriters may not be the giant they claim to be. To be honest, it’s hard to find one good Resumewriters review. We sought to find out what the services are about and give you a comprehensive look at the whole service.

Authors bio: Isabelle Walden is an experienced HR and career development expert. She has been working in this field for over 8 years. Isabella is well acquainted with what requirements companies usually put forward when searching for employees and which resumes will help job seeker quickly find a job.







Customer Service


Payment System


Website Usability


6 thoughts on “ResumeWriters.com: Most Trusted and Most Experienced?

  1. As an academic, drafting a resume is highly challenging and this is why I hired professionals to assist me in presenting my experience on paper. I really feel that a lot of details were overlooked, and actually prefer my older version to this one. It is understandable that the writer may have felt challenged by the content but the site markets itself as having writing experts in different areas, so I expected much better.

  2. My daughter told me about this service and I took it up because I felt it would be ideal to use this service to save me time. However, I had to do a lot of back and forth with the writer because she didn’t seem to understand my needs.

  3. Too much back and forth and it all comes too late. They wait almost a week to even contact you and then it all seems gimmicky and cold

  4. On August 18, 2018 I placed an order through LinkedIn for a resume ($249) a LinkedIn profile ($90) and resume distribution ($75). The resume that I received was never completed and I did not receive the LinkedIn profile or resume distribution. On April 19, 2019 I contacted Resume Writers and spoke to Margie. I was told that the resume distribution was no longer a service they provided but that they could complete the LinkedIn profile. She asked if I preferred a refund for both services to which I stated yes. I was promised a follow up call/email which I never received. On May 13, 2019 I reached out again and this time spoke to Michelle. I was told that Margie was off but that my refund would be processed in the form of a check that would be mailed to me. On May 29, 2019 I sent another email to Michelle as I still had not received my check. They claimed they mailed it but that it may have been lost. If they were able to see that the “mailed check” was never cashed, then reissuing a new one should not have been a problem. I was told that a new check would be issued by week’s end. As of a July 31, 2019 when I sent another email, I still had not received a response or payment. On September 9, 2019 I emailed again with no response. On November 8, 2019 I emailed again and received a reply from Margie again that she was partnering with accounting and that I should be receiving my refund. Still nothing. During this year I have called and spoken with Margie and Michelle countless times. On January 3 I spoke with Margie again who told me that I would receive a call back that same day that I still have not received. I am disheartened that a company as reputable as LinkedIn has chosen to partner with an organization that practices such dishonest and misleading business practices. Also, that once they were notified of their error, 17 months later I am still without a LinkedIn profile, resume distribution or my refund in full. I paid a total of $415 in good faith and none of the services promised were provided.

  5. Hello,

    My experience was not at all what I expect, nor was it worth the amount paid. I paid almost $300 for a decent resume that would grab the attention of some Community and/or Youth Development organizations. There was a lot of back and forth regarding edits needing to be made. I stressed multiple times it wasn’t passionate enough considering the field I was entering. My resume showed more of my office/admin side than it did my community and youth work experience. After constant back and forth, the writer stating SHE was confident and her disregard of my lack of confidence in it… I gave up! This experience has left me very disappointed and discouraged regarding my search for employment. It’s been nearly two months, and 50+ applications and I haven’t had any bites. 

  6. Hi,

    I had the opportunity to seek the professional services of resume writers back in 2011, and most recently 2019. Indeed, the outcome of the finished product is nothing to write home about. I had the resume reviewed, and written again. Till this very moment, not an interview or anything positive. So be extremely careful when seeking resume services with resume writers. I am in the market now doing my due diligence to seek other reputable services with a proven track record.



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