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LiveCareer.com Review

LiveCareer.com is a portal which allows you to create your own professional style resume. You can create your own CV with the help of tools, or you can hire experts to design the resume for you. In case you are looking to land the job of your dreams, you need an extremely powerful resume. You need a CV that will attract the attention of the HR department, and this is why you need to make it perfectly. With a livecareer resume you cannot go wrong.

This livecareer review will reveal to you everything you need to know- from how much your resume will cost and up to what discounts you can enjoy here. Whether you need a strong cover letter or a more advanced resume, you can rest assured LiveCareer can assist you.

    • LiveCareer.com Review

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  • Foundation year: 2005
  • Prices: from $99
  • Discounts: yes
  • Deadline: from 3 days
  • Guarantees: free revision

Special Features

LiveCareer allows you to build a professional and job-ready resume within minutes. If you will use the special Resume Builder tool, you can customize and design your resume exactly as you wish. This is one of the top resume writing services that can help you get the exact job that you dream about.

  • Create customized resumes and cover letters- the experts will guide you step by step and help you select the best words to present your life & story. Professional resume writers are here to help.
  • Get professional interview advice- the experts can help you prepare in the most professional manner for that upcoming interview
  • Personalized Job Alerts available- you can receive the best job alerts on a daily basis. Get only alerts of jobs at are customized to fit your personal profile.
  • Check out the Company Directory – you can actually find out everything about a company before applying for a job. Check out employee reviews and even salary information!

Services Offered

This career focused writing company puts at your disposal plenty of useful services and tools so that you can achieve great success. They offer resume and cover letter writing services but also offer several build-it-yourself tools, professional advice and guiding. They offer top affordable resume writing services, and they have 4 main categories of resume & cover letter writing: Entry level, Professional, Executive and Cover Letter. You can get your professionally written resume or cover letter in only 3 days, or even faster if you need it.

  • Professionals with 2+ years of experience should opt for the Professional package of services.
  • Upper management such as doctors, nurses, lawyers and PhDs should opt for the Executive package
  • Cover letter services are great for job seekers who must hand in a cover letter that will help them stand out from the crowd
  • The entry level package is intended for recent graduates and professionals with under 2 years of experience

Prices & Discounts

We couldn’t find a promo code available, but LiveCarreer certainly charges some advantageous and budget friendly prices:

  • Entry Level package- costs $99- contains a resume of 1 – 1.5 pages focusing on potential and experience of the recent graduate job seeker. This package includes a 10 minute consultation time. One great discount offered by the company is that to each package you can add cover letter writing for only $40.
  • Professional package- the most popular choice, and it costs $199. The package contains a resume of 1.5- 2 pages in length, plus 15 minutes consultation time
  • Executive package – costs $299 and it is most recommended to executive level career professionals. The package contains a resume that is 2 to 3 pages in length + 20 minutes consultation time
  • Cover letter – this package costs $60 and it includes a 1 page cover letter + 15 minutes consultation time

With the services offered by LiveCareer you can save precious time and money, and make your resume stand out from the crowd. Make sure to add a cover letter to your resume to make your presentation even stronger and increase your chances to be invited to that interview. One well written resume weighs extremely heavily, so you should always have your resumes professionally written. Experts know how to showcase your strengths and qualities and how to create a truly powerful and eye-catching cover letter.

  • A perfect cover letter is your best sales pitch
  • A perfect resume is your best presentation card when you apply to any company in this world

Customer Service

Checking the customer service of each company is extremely important. You want to make sure there are no complaints available from past clients. LiveCareer provides customer support 7 days a week, and you can reach them over the phone or via email. They do not have an instant chat available, but reaching them on the phone is quick and easy. Their customer service is not scam but a reliable and trustworthy feature.

Before hiring the services of any company you should check out if there are any complaints or problems available on the bbb. (or Better Business Bureau listing)

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