20 Nov

Resume Place Review

Unlike most resume companies, Resume Place focuses on a single type of resume writing – federal resumes. This company has the job to provide customers with professional resume and a real shot at an interview, which should eventually bring them to a successful career in their field. However, the reputation of this company is hard to establish seeing how they have a very limited number of customers because of their extreme prices.

    • Resume Place Review

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On the website, you’ll be impressed by the big number and quality of the resume place reviews they’ve decided to publish. However, if you read the resume place reviews outside of this site, you’ll find that very few decide to buy their resumes here, probably because of the pricing. This is why we decided to look beyond the sleek appearance of the site and its many promises, and base our review on our experience and the quality they offer.

Special Features

The Resume Place has one service at their disposal – writing resumes for those in the federal field. They do consultations and base their written work on what you provide them with. So far, we haven’t come across any special features worth mentioning, making this a very limited company. The fact that they only focus on veterans and people who need federal employment consultation limits their number of potential customers greatly. But, even then, the company still hasn’t managed to maintain a fine reputation, judged by the very limited resume place reviews.

Services Offered

Services at resume place com are limited to federal resume writing only. Their fees are only presented as an example, while you have to request a quote to see what you’ll be charged for your order. They present the following service types on the website:

  • Federal resume for GS 5/7/11 Target Position

  • Federal resume for GS 12/13 Target Position

  • Federal resume for GS 14/15 and SES Target Position

The second and third service offered will be done by senior writer, according to the official services page of the company.

Prices and Discounts

As we mentioned, the quote can only be accessed if you tell the service what you need and when you need it for. Before we did this, we read plenty of resume place reviews that spoke of outrageous high prices that don’t resemble the examples given on the website.

To be fair, the prices given on the website are said to be the minimal prices for a resume written, but the quote we received was by far the highest we’ve ever seen for this type of service. Federal resume services are almost always highly priced, but Resumeplace has gone quite high when it comes to providing a federal resume.

For example, their minimal quotes presented on the website are $140 per hour, $175 per hour, and $199 per hour for the three types of services mentioned, respectively. According to their description, the first service takes a minimum of four hours, the second somewhere between 5 to 8 hours, while the last service takes up to 12 hours. This would mean that the minimum you’d be asked to pay will be $600, while if you need the most expensive service offered, you’d have to pay over $1000 for a resume creation.

Discounts are not available here, which came as a shock when we were given a quote of over $700 for the first type of resume ordered. Even so, we paid the price to see what the fuss is all about. To be honest, the service they provide is professional and prompt, and the resume wasn’t bad at all. But, no resume should be worth this much.

Customer Service

We spoke to the support service on several occasions. They don’t respond instantly when you reach out, but they are quite professional. While we spoke to an agent, we mentioned that their quote is extremely high. They simply claimed that the success of the company and the quality they provide is worth it. Judged by the poor and very limited reviews, we do not agree with their explanation.

Website Usability

The site of the company is filled with information, but poorly organized. This made it hard for us to find the crucial information in terms of their services and what they do. Thankfully, the support was helpful and professional and provided us with all the answers we were looking for.


This resume service is focused on federal resumes only, which are usually the highest priced resumes found on the market. Even so, we have never before seen prices as high as the ones this company gives to their customers. This is why the service is not really popular among its target audience. A resume should never cost over $1000, even if it is for a federal level, especially if it requires just a few hours to be completed.

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