07 May

ResumeWritingLab.com Review

Creating the perfect resume is not as easy as it sounds. We all think we can make the resume that will make a difference. But will it be professional enough? Will the hiring headquarters will agree with you that you have created a masterpiece of a resume. Most importantly, building a professional grade resume will take a lot of time.

So, what is the easy solution here? Apparently, ordering a resume from the best resume writing service is a great choice. But in that case, you are leaving the control to someone whom you don’t even know. So, checking out what others say about a resume writing service is always a wise decision.

Today, we will dissect the features, pricing policy, and the quality of the resume writing service called ResumeWritinglab.com. So, before you plan to order a resume from them, you should check out our experience and read our Resume Writing Lab review.
Let’s jump straight to the point!

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Every single company or service calls themselves the best brand on the market. Everyone claims to have all the essential qualities and a five-star rating on the website. But are they good enough to handle the resume that determines your future career? So, we decided to check them out for ourselves and share our experience with you.

ResumeWritingLab offers only one package for resume writing that comes at a price of $119. We were quite surprised to see the price tag as it is quite low compared to the other services on the market available. They guaranteed to submit the resume within 3-5 business days.

We got the piece after four days, so they passed the punctuality test. Sadly, they couldn’t deliver the quality that they claimed to. We felt like they just filled out a premade template with all the information we provided them. There was no sign of creativity or individuality. We think none should pay a dime for a basic template let alone $119.

We cannot even call the template to be tempting. It doesn’t have any appeal that would dazzle the eyes of the HR team. Moreover, you could create such quality or better if you spend about two hours in an MS Word file. We will not call it horrible, but there is nothing special about them.

Services Offered & Prices

Resume Writing Lab surely has a wide range of services to meet your need. Not everyone needs a brand new resume from a company. They would need a bit of tweaking and editing, some smart suggestions about their LinkedIn profile, or maybe a polite yet professional cover letter. The company has taken all the possible needs of the common people into their account.

The only thing we liked about the company is their pricing policy. Not every company will give you a brand new resume at such a low price. Although, the resume was kind of mediocre and should not even have a price tag!

Customer Service and Delivery

The last thing you want to have is bad customer support for an online service. If you have complains about the product, such customer support will test your patience. The customer support of ResumeWritingLab is nothing short of lousy. They were arrogant and unfriendly. They behaved as if we did something wrong and should be accused!

The company will soon lose all kinds of faith from the customers if their customer representatives continue scaring the customers away. We got the resume by the fifth day. So, we will not complain about maintaining the due date.
Overall, ResumeWritingLab.com will get 4 out of 10 from us. If their customer service had some manners (!), we would have rated it a bit better.

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