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TopResume.com: Does It Deliver Good Resumes?

Upload your resume for a free expert review. That seems like an attractive offer. Do you really get a free review from an expert? Not quite. This is a commercial resume writing service. It sells these kinds of products, so you won’t get them for free. It’s not the most affordable service, either.

Since there are no TopResume reviews Yelp reviews, we decided to check this service for you. It’s always important to compare the top resume career services reviews, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting for your money. In our unbiased TopResume review, we’ll give you information about the prices, the types of products it delivers, the special features, and the customer support.

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  • Foundation year: 2014
  • Prices: from $149
  • Discounts: Yes
  • Deadline: n/a
  • Guarantees: free revision, interview invitation guarantee

Special Features

The Career Advice blog is a nice touch. All in all, this is a lovely website that offers a great deal of information for job seekers. You can benefit from it even if you’re not there to order a resume. The blog is written by a career advice expert from TopResume. She gives you tips on how to handle interviews, how to negotiate the salary, how to write the perfect resume, and much more.

In addition to a good blog, TopResume also offers free samples at its website. You’ll find samples in several categories, including banking, aviation, advertising, accounting, IT, mechanic, and much more. The samples, however, are pretty generic. Still, you can use them to get inspired for your own resume.

As for the Resume Critique service, which is supposed to deliver personalized recommendations, it’s mostly there to attract you to buy a resume.

topresume homepage

Services Offered

There are three types of resumes you can order:

  • Professional Growth
  • Career Evolution
  • Executive Priority resume

These categories are usually named Entry, Professional and Executive at other websites. However, TopResume.com does things a bit differently.

If you order a Professional Growth resume, you get a resume. That’s it. It will be keyword optimized, formatted for success, and professionally written. Career Evolution and Executive Priority are packages of services.

If you choose the Career Evolution package, you’ll get a resume, cover letter, and a 60-day interview guarantee. The Executive Priority package includes all these features plus LinkedIn makeover.

So is this the same level of resume writing in all packages? It seems so. Whether you want an entry- or executive-level resume, you’re getting the same package and paying the same price. That’s can be a problem for some customers, especially those looking for entry-level writing. They usually want more affordable prices.

There are no other types of products mentioned in the Resume Services section of the website. However, if you scroll down the page, you’ll notice a menu at the bottom. It includes LinkedIn Profile Services. This is basically a LinkedIn profile upgrade. If you already have your profile and you want it improve, these writers can help.

You can’t get a cover letter, unless you want it in a package with a resume. CVs are also not available.

Prices and Discounts

topresume prices

The prices are clear and transparent. That’s where TopResume.com gets bonus points. We always appreciate services that clarify their pricing system. That’s important, since it makes you able to compare the prices of different services before placing your order.

This pricing system, however, is not flexible. You don’t get different fees for entry, professional and executive resumes. You’re paying a flat price regardless of the level of writing you want. This is how much the packages cost:

  • $149 for Professional Growth package. You only get a resume with this option.
  • $219 for the Career Evolution package. With this, you get a resume and cover letter.
  • $349 for the Executive Priority package. In addition to a resume and cover letter, you also get LinkedIn profile makeover with this one.

These prices seem reasonable. However, when you compare TopResume.com with the top-rated services in this industry, you’ll notice you can get the best quality for a more affordable price. You’ll notice that the packages don’t give you discounts at all. If the resume costs $149 and a package of a resume and cover letter costs $219, it means you’re paying $70 for the cover letter. That doesn’t seem like a huge discount, does it?

If you only want to get LinkedIn profile makeover, you’ll pay $125 for that service. That’s for an editing service. If you browse through other websites, you’ll notice some of them give you a more affordable price for writing from scratch.

Customer Service

topresume support

Finally, the customer support system. Is it reliable enough? There’s a live chat feature, but the team is often offline during working hours. You get a message from a robot, saying that the team is away right now, but perhaps it can help you. That’s not the same thing as real 24/7 customer support.

A phone number is also available, as well as an email address. There’s also a convenient contact form, which allows you to send a quick message along with your order details. The customer support system is not bad, but it’s not as effective as we would like it to be.

topresume sample

What is Top resume free resume review?

Before we analyze a few TopResume reviews, let us begin by describing what this ‘free resume review’ feature exactly does. There are a number of companies that provide resume reviews for free that look to bolster the resumes of job seekers. However, there is a growing concern regarding their expertise in reviewing resumes and whether or not they are of any real use.

topresume free resume review

Topresume.com is one such company that allegedly provides users with a critique of their resumes. But, to what extent can this company be trusted with its reviews and to what extent should you consider their critique valid? Our own critique of their reviews has informed us that job seekers shouldn’t use the free resume review service of TopResume for resume writing.

A lot of their criticism of multiple resumes seems to be auto generated and not done by professionals. There are many artificial algorithms that can be used to generate such reviews. The reason for this is quite clear – the company is profit driven, and the more resume reviews they are able to generate, the more customers and subscribers they are likely to attract.

But, this leads to discrepancies that are too obvious to ignore. Moreover, this hints that they are not using trained experts to provide feedback that can actually help people better their resumes. Training people to provide valuable insight into a resume takes time and work that these companies forego. Although this results in them reviewing a greater amount of resumes, they fall short on providing quality output.

Moreover, the free revision provided by TopResume is always of low quality. Rather than providing a detailed account of what all is missing and needs to be updated in the resume, topresume.com gives a very generic feedback. Their advice on the essentials that a resume must contain is too broad and general and doesn’t cater to the specifics of a job seeker. This allows them to give similar reviews to multiple resumes and get away with it.

How we tested the quality of free resume review?

In order to call out their bluff, we decided to submit two different resumes to get their review. The results that we received raised many questions regarding their work. The resumes we submitted were for two different professions, but the feedback we received was almost the same for both, sometimes word for word. The reviews by top resumes were broken down into six categories:

  1. Visual presentation and organization
  2. Resume Writing
  3. Education History
  4. Resume Scan Test Results
  5. Raw data pulled directly from the resume
  6. What the tracking system think of you as an Applicant

To understand the last point better, let us find out more about the applicant tracking systems (ATS). ATS are a type of software that most hiring managers use to organize applicants based on the kinds of keywords used in the resume. For instance, if you use legal verbiage in your resume, then ATS will put you in the category for jobs relating to a legal position. It is important to know how the ATS views you as an applicant to get an edge over other job applicants.

Now, let us begin by comparing the results.

Free review by Topresume #1

Free review by Topresume #2

free resume review 2


There were glaring problems in the two reviews. Given the similarity between the resume reviews of the two applicants – Jon and Elizabeth – it is too obvious that the feedback was generated automatically without any real review done by an expert. The following are the reasons why we believe this is so:

  • The review was full of redundant statements that had nothing to do with the actual resume. For example, the review advised Jon to provide bullet points. This would’ve been fine if the bullet points weren’t there but all of Jon’s work experience had been listed out. Additional points would have only affected the size and the quality of the resume.
  • The review advised both Jon and Elizabeth to add a career summary when it was already there. Either the professional didn’t pay much attention to the resume or the review was generated automatically. Since this mistake occurred twice, we believe the review was generated automatically.
  • The review further described both applicants as a “doer” as opposed to an “achiever”. It must be noted that both the resumes had enough keywords and action verbs to display accomplishment as well as initiative. It is not possible to assume that all job descriptions are result based. Furthermore, the feedback on both the reviews regarding this was exactly the same, yet again.
  • The review cites “task-based” examples that do not make any sense. This is because all the task-based results are already provided in the resume.
  • It was intriguing to see that the review mentioned the need to use compelling language in both the resumes. This is unnecessary since all the relevant keywords were provided and using fancier terms in their stead would not add any real value.
  • The review provides the same examples of strong statements for all resumes that do not help the applicant to know how and what to improve specifically.
  • Neither of the resumes had a reference section and yet, the review claimed that these were unnecessary. This only adds to the confusion of the applicants.


Although the Topresume free review is full of errors, there are certain things on which the review advised correctly. These were specifically true for Elizabeth’s resume.

  • They correctly advised the applicant to use active instead of passive statements such as “responsible for” and “maintained”.
  • They rightly commented on the appearance of the resume and advised that it should be “polished”. This is useful advice as correct formatting is essential when it comes to using ATS.
  • The review advised to remove dates from the education section. This is correct since these dates only add to unconscious bias and ageism and steers the focus away from the main points of the resume.
  • It is good that the review advised to focus on the contributions made for previous employers as it is essential to show accomplishments in resumes.

Top Resume Reviews – Conclusion

A definite answer to the question – “Is TopResume worth it?” is a resounding “no.” There is more than sufficient evidence to conclude that this free resume review tool is unprofessional and cannot be used to create high quality resume.

Authors bio: Isabelle Walden is an experienced HR and career development expert. She has been working in this field for over 8 years. Isabella is well acquainted with what requirements companies usually put forward when searching for employees and which resumes will help job seeker quickly find a job.







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53 thoughts on “TopResume.com: Does It Deliver Good Resumes?

  1. Top resume was recommended by an ex-colleague; and I was really excited to have a revised resume. Honestly, the writer did a poor job of understanding my requirements and what I needed from my resume. I still have not gotten an interview despite the guarantee and I’m simply disappointed. The resume itself is filled with a lot of mistakes. The writer is responsive but failing to understand my exact requirement. I do wish I had chosen another company.

    • I had the same experience. My original writer was all over the place and called me by the wrong name multiple times. I requested for a new writer and they were better than the first but I was still extremely disappointed in the quality. The amount of money I spent with them was not worth the outcome.

    • No refunds ….They are the worst resume service out there most of the good reviews they had written buy bots

      I received the resume, It was full of flamboyant words. The only part that made any since was what they copied from my current resume. I let other people in my field look at my resume and the one topresume prepared, they all agreed that the resume topresume prepared looked fake, lies. I am a blue collar worker. My opinion how can some one that does not know the trade that you work in write a resume. I asked for a full refund they said no . The only company I have ever done business with that will not give you a refund is your not happy with there work. Stay away from these people

    • I am furious at Top resume! I paid $199 for a resume, $75 for 48 rush service, and $75 for linkedin service. My rush service never happened, my writer did not respond to me after first draft, and Linkedin service never happened. When I wrote their support service, they denied the writer did not respond to me even though I have an e-mail showing proof. They are refusing a refund on the rush service and insist on a credit only and they sent me a tip sheet that you can find online for the Linkedin which is not what they promised for LinkedIn for $75!!! This place is a scam!!!!! Stay away!!

  2. Topresume doesn’t go anything different or unique with your profile. In fact, it asks all the questions and drafts a resume based on it. I didn’t feel there was anything different with my resume or coverletter that I couldn’t have possibly done myself. In fact, the resume drafts that I had, before working with topresume would totally qualify me to apply for jobs. I would have easily done not using top resume.
    The plans convince you very nicely to buy them but the underlying T$C are not mentioned.
    After my writer gave me a first draft, I was given 1 week to work on it. I sent it back and didn’t hear anything. My 7 day deadline was approaching so I had to remind the writer to send me back the 2nd draft on-time, which was totally unprofessional. Ofcourse I only had few hours to work on the 2nd draft as the deadline was almost near.
    For the cover letter, highlights from my resume were cited so nothing new came up from Top Resume.
    I honestly wouldn’t suggest using this plarform to anyone as I didn’t benefit at all. Infact I would suggest, google a resume template if you’re not sure and draft your resume accordingly.

  3. Topresume.com is just short of a scam. A high school student spending less than 10mins could have produced a better product than they provided me. There was next to no substance and basically took what I put in the questionnaire and put in a word doc with bullets. When I contacted the customer service, it was a series of emails back and forth of them trying to convince me to continue working with them. When you are willing to invest into a product that impacts your professional situation, you expect a quality output. I would not recommend to anyone to use this service. Save yourself the money and hire some kid on the street corner for $20 and you will be better off.

  4. Top Resume did a very poor job. The resume they produced is riddled with errors (factual, grammatical, and even formatting) and did not address my detailed response to the rough draft. A complete waste of $200 at a time when I could ill afford it.

  5. I had my resume re-written 2 times by Lois and Ronald. I was very disappointed in both writers and the work they provided. I spent $219 to have my resume written properly and unfortunately I had to end up doing it myself. At this point I think my time would be best spent re-writing my own resume as I believe my skills and experience is a better fit than the $200+ spent with this company. It’s quite disappointing that for such a high cost the quality of work was poor. I honestly feel it was not worth it at all as all I’ve received thus far is my own words being re-worded with no research or thought. Don’t waste your time or money.

  6. I was not at all impressed with Top Resume. They only offer one resume format. If you push for something different you will not get it. My resume looked better BEFORE I used them. You also cannot speak to your writer. She refused to make many of the changes that I requested. She rewrote many bullets that were more professionally written by my previous writer. You spend $219 and get a generic product with verbiage written by what seems like someone in high school. Please don’t waste your time or money. I was so frustrated with the process that I felt like screaming all week. Now I am going to rewrite my own resume in a great format that I found on ETSY for $15.

  7. PSA:

    TopResume does NOT actually honor their “60-day satisfaction guaranteed” or quality in their services. After using the services, I ended up with was2 months wasted-time on back and forth conversations, missed opportunities for applications, and $200+ out.

    It sounds like a nice idea for a solution, but what you really get is not an actual soltution to your problem.

    For $100+ what you are paying for is:
    – a template resume with keywords basically dragged and dropped into fields in you a resume format.
    – a poor functioning platform you can’t make edits to documents on.
    – a tight deadline (that is NOT clearly stated in their services and pricing page) to respond to them that was not clarified on the purchased page
    – time and money wasted for a template you can pull off the internet.

    Warning: don’t try then out unless you have $100 to spare and play with.

  8. My resume was very lengthy, and I knew it needed to be shortened. However, a lot of my valuable experience was omitted and I feel that a better job could have in presenting my experience on paper. The format is also challenging to edit and I have been tinkering with it for weeks on end. I feel that the writer meant well, but she could have asked more questions to get more clarity as to what I needed.

  9. I don’t recommend. The writer took a one-size-fits-all approach, and introduced inaccuracies that contradicted my replies to his questions. Save your money (but shorten your resume–it’s probably too long to skim).

  10. I am satisfied with the end result, but it took a while to get a good result. Contacting the writer was very challenging and I was frustrated because I had an application to attend to. Half the time, I was not sure if I am speaking to a bot or an actual human! At some point, I wanted my money back, but I was finally contacted by TopResume representative and my amendments were delivered after a long back and forth.

  11. I have been researching different companies to do this with, and finally found Top Resume. I was impressed with their site and their reasonable pricing, so I placed an order. It was a slightly stressful process because the writer did not seem to understand that I want to change my career track entirely. In addition, we had to work extra hard on edits in 3 rounds and I missed an application.

  12. I was really looking forward to a new resume as I am on the market for a new job. This means that I am willing to invest in my career by paying a professional to write my new resume. Top resume provided a good service, however I was not entirely satisfied with the service because there were a few grammatical errors in the resume and the cover letter

  13. I would not recommend them at all. I have had nothing but issues with them. I got no call backs with the resume they made for me, and I was putting in on average about 7 job applications a week.

  14. I was very displeased with Top Resume. The initial critique looked good and is what hooked me. The person who actually wrote my resume did not do well. She had no knowledge of my area of expertise and it reflected in the way she wrote it. The critique said I needed more action verbs but the writer used most of my existing verbs and did not change them despite repeated requests to do so.
    The cover letter was pretty good.
    The LinkedIn rewrite is a joke. Save your money. The only thing they really add is a summary which is a bunch of made up stuff they put together. Everything else is directly copied from the resume. I was hoping for a profile with pizazz but got 0 value from this.

  15. It was recommended to me that I contact a service like this and get help rewriting my resume. I decided to contact topresume.com after shopping around for a good deal. I discovered fast that was a big mistake because right off the bat I was having to fix every single draft that was sent to me. The grammar was all messed up, job titles were wrong and even the dates that I worked for the companies were incorrect. I just really wish that I would’ve bit the bullet and gone with another company because I’m not happy with what I have and I even talked to the writer on the phone to tell them exactly what I needed for the jobs I’m applying for. When I called the company to voice my concern they threw in a thank you letter which would’ve been nice if it wasn’t complete garbage as well. I can’t use it to send to an employer because it’ll probably take me out of the running. Thanks for nothing topresume.

  16. Not recommended at all. Be aware that they will keep asking for increasing prices. I was interested in a resume for transition into a a government job. It was not one of the packets offered but when they sent a one page resume (where they cut more than half of the information I had sent) i was told that I needed to pay for both or buy an update that was over the cost of their federal package.

  17. Not worth it at all! I was assigned to a writer mid-August and NEVER heard back. I sent emails and still nothing until I finally reversed my credit card charges for never receiving the service(s) requested. Cheaper? yes…. worth it? no. Do yourself a favor if you’re looking for a job and spend your $ with a local resume service. You get what you pay for…..

  18. Initially, service was very good and I had my resume and cover letter within a week. I had a couple of questions and one change that I wanted to make and have yet to hear back from them. It seems once they have your money, they are in no hurry to answer questions.

  19. I acquired the Executive Priority Resume Writing Package offered by Top Resume under the order #747572333. The executive priority resume writing package offers: – Executive writer – Top 10% of our network. – Formatting that will get an employer’s attention. – Your resume will be optimized to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems. – Cover letter – 60-day interview guarantee. – LinkedIn Makeover It is stated under the Frequently Asked Questions that: “your new resume will be delivered to you in about a week. Then, you’ll have another week to provide feedback to your writer, with up to two rounds of revisions. The process typically takes one to two weeks.”

    The writer assigned to my order was Rebecca A. who started working on my resume by July, 17th 2019. Rebecca delivered the initial draft with several grammar errors, misspellings, and incomplete sentences. I brought this issue to the attention of Top Resume who assured me the issues would be fixed on the following review. After several versions and a constant back and forth interaction, it was very difficult to get a proofed-read version of my resume, I involved several colleagues to find errors, misspellings, misinformation, and grammar issues.

    By September 25th the last version of my resume was completed. It is worth noticing that this version was not error-free. I had to spend several hours fixing English issues. It was clear that after several months of interaction the writer assigned to my order did not possess the skills to provide a quality resume (as it was advertised). Very concerned about this ongoing issue I decided to make several calls to the customer service line. After speaking with the customer service representative it was confirmed that the writer was located overseas, and this was the origin of the grammar issues, misspellings and lack of knowledge about my industry. I manifested my concern over the phone and over e-mail, a new writer was assigned to my LinkedIn profile. To my surprise the LinkedIn profile was a copy-paste of my resume, but with less information. The information was incomplete and did not make sense. I brought this issue again to the attention of my writer (Lin) who fixed the “HEADLINE & PROFILE SUMMARY” for LinkedIn. The project was closed by October 2nd.

    I proceeded and started applying using this version of my resume. All I’ve gotten so far are rejections from the companies I have applied for, this resume is not able to pass the ATS as promised, it is not keyword optimized for my industry and far from helping me is causing delays on my application. I have decided to use my own resume, the version I had before working with Top Resume, as I got several interviews and calls when using my own version.

    I am very dissatisfied because
    a. Grammar errors are unacceptable and unprofessional.
    b. Misspellings are unacceptable, as most text editors provide a way to check these issues.
    c. The writer was not within the top 10%. The writer is overseas and does not know my industry. (Contrary to what is advertised).
    d. This resume is not able to pass the ATS and does not provide meaningful information about my career.
    After several months of wait, back and forth, and hard work from my part, the only solution is to use my original version of the resume. I am looking for a full refund, as the service was clearly different from what was acquired.

  20. DO NOT GO for TopResume /TopCV its a scam the resume I got was written by a 5 year old paragraphs long paragraphs poor english terrible formatting such a disappointment!

  21. Top Resume was a lousy investment. I give them kudos on the format. It looked really nice. But for professional resume writers, I’m shocked. Grammar errors abounded and the word “till” was used in place of “until” in at least one instance. This isn’t text messaging, folks. It’s my resume. Till is NEVER an acceptable replacement for the word until. In fact, it has an entirely different meaning except for in slang (til). The one thing I’d expect from a service like this is PERFECT proper American English grammar. Because I didn’t review it in time I was stuck with the cost, and I own that. But I don’t and won’t recommend these guys to anyone, and I will be reporting this to LinkedIn Admins since they were the ones advertising this service.

  22. Worst experience EVER! Beware.
    These people are all over the place and each time you email support, you get a different answer about their services. I tried to use them to update my resume and just went elsewhere.

  23. I paid $350 for their service in March 2019, to date (Nov. 2019) I have not received a single call for any job I’ve applied for using that resume. They never rewrote my LinkedIn profile as promised as part of the package I purchased and when you contact “customer service”, they ignore you until you give up. I rewrote my resume on my own, submitted for review by TopResume and the suggested not changing a thing, oh the irony. Don’t waste your money, seriously. It’s not worth it.

  24. It is a terrible resume writing service. Not only do they completely miss the mark in terms of understanding the profile, they will recycle you back your own sample resume with incorrect grammar and formatting. For an almost $200 tag, for resume & a cover letter, I would say its a scam. I would warn anyone against using this service. You will spend lesser time and effort, doing it yourself than trying to reason with their writers and explain a basic profile

  25. I have bad experience with the site. the page showed $1.95 charge when I reached the payment page for download & print, but few days late I found it charge $59 for annual membership.
    I was curious and went through the process again and reach the print and payment page, I could see the payment is for “7-day Full Access” for $1.95, include download, print,resume template,full access to all feature,money-back guarantee, all in large print that is easy to see , no mentioning about 7-day trial period for a membership. and I did find 7 days trial membership term in the very small letters below that I didn’t notice the first time. Obviously it is not right that the most important term is written in the small print that is hard to see . Because I didn’t know about the 7 day trial membership I didn’t check email later until I received the charge notification from my bank. they refuse to refund and I think it is expected result for them.

  26. My opinion is that TopResume is not worth the money. I wanted to discuss with person that produced their version of my resume. Only would communicate via email, unless I paid more $$$. This service is not worth it!

    Recommendation, go to your local career source office and they likely offer a resume course and will even often give you recommendations, for free. I wish I had saved my money and done that first.

  27. I had a terrible experience with Top Resume, I paid for the Executive Priority Package and a Federal Resume and I had to hassle my resume writer to receive a draft two weeks after it was supposed to be completed. The draft was a template with SEVERAL mistakes and with copy and paste information from positions that had nothing to do with my job and repeat information in sections the resume. Additionally, my cover letter discussed my extensive experience in “commercial contracting” when all of my experience is in the federal/government sector. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

  28. I wish I had seen all these negative reviews prior to using this service. TopResume.com is a scam. The drafts I received were filled with repetition, misspelled words, and inaccurate details. I requested revisions and each time the revised version was worse than the last – including incomplete sentencing and poor grammar. I could tell that the pieces were auto-generated (grabbing bits of my own resume and cover letter and throwing them into a bullet pointed list) rather than written by a professional resume writer. Do not use this service! If you need your resume written, hire a personal writer who you can work with directly. This service is a complete farce.

  29. I had an utterly frustrating and worthless experience and they won’t give me a refund. For $219 I got nothing I can use. My original resume started with one font and somehow they goobered it into 3! Spacing was a mess. They added zero value in helping cull things or offering substantive feedback. All this was a month of wasted efforts back and forth. I would touch them with a ten foot pole.

  30. I used Top Resume and it has been 6 months and still no job offer. I had to work with the writer a few times but I don’t believe the resume was written well. It is expensive and was hoping that this resume would speed up the job offer stage but I see no difference. I even paid for interview coaching. I have been to number of interviews and still have no job. I wish I had gone with another career coach/resume writer.

  31. I also was really excited about having my resume re-written. The first writer canceled so it it took about a week to get the process started. The writer did a poor job of understanding my requirements and what I needed from my resume. The resume itself is filled with a lot of mistakes and is poorly written. I have an IT Management background and the writer was clearly not proficient with IT terminology so the resume was unusable. The writer was responsive but failed to understand my exact requirement. I also wish I had chosen another company but this experience has soured me on the idea of using a resume writing service. I also asked for a different writer at numerous points and was meet with no luck. I definitely would never recommend TopResume if you have a technology background.

  32. All I have to say is STAY AWAY!! This is set up like a scam site! I ran into topresume.com and EVEN after reading some really bad reviews I decided to still give them a shot. It was a Saturday night and I needed to find a place to have a resume done in a shorter amount of time and they advertised this here. I ended up paying for the service and also added on a 48 hour rush which cost me an additional $75. The 48 hour rush service never indicated anything else than 48 hours which I paid for. Monday comes and I’m concerned because I never heard a word from anyone at topresume.com, I called them and they told me that I MIGHT have it by the end of Wednesday. I was appalled by this as I explained the rush I paid for and the time frame I needed it by. She told me she will try and get a hold of the writer but no guarantees. What!!?!?! No guarantees?!? I paid for this to be expedited and now they are telling me they can give me a free cover letter. I told them I don’t care for anything but what I paid for and the timeframe needed. I never heard back. I emailed them again on Tuesday and told them if they can’t have the resume done by the end of the night to refund me. I never heard back. I emailed first thing on Wednesday and told them to refund me as services were never rendered, I never heard back. On late Wednesday I get a email with a ROUGH draft!!! Unreal!! They completely ignored all my messages and slid in the resume as a very basic right draft with missing inserts. The resume is useless and I wasted 5 days on this place. Save yourself the time. The customer service here is as bad as it gets!!! They don’t care one bit about you and they don’t seem to care about deadlines or requests. For that, I would never ever recommend and should’ve stayed away from the start

  33. The worst service ever. I paid for an executive package and have only received a draft. The LinkedIn service was not done and the writer is not responsive at all. STAY AWAY FROM THIS SERVICE! You will only lose money here and get nowhere.

  34. I am so mad I did not read this review before I spent my money for this. I just had my resume redone by this company and you could tell they just threw my resume in a machine and gave me what came out. Some of it doesn’t even make sense. I immediately sent it back asking for another try. I think it was also done by a non English speaker, which didn’t help.

    I am disappointed.

  35. Hello,
    I was overwhelmed, and turned to these person’s. Factually: They were late. The authorship, or writer of my Resume changed frequently. They said it was done and sent; but it wasn’t according to my mail logs. It was a new person each time they took control to “reach out” to me.

    I wondered who Katie Warren was as she repeatedly said “speak to your writer.” Well…yesterday it was Bllie and the next Kierra(?)… a lot of buck passing. I will be getting my funds back, as I have knowledge as to how. There not good business person’s. Go elsewhere. Michael

  36. Very bad service and expertise! I hired top resume to re write my CV and cover letter , the results was so bad to the extent I cancel the service wasting 189 USD . The CV editing process was horrible , the writer quality was so bad as he don’t know the industry , even when I did editing to their draft it was not taken seriously. They refused to refund the money although they deliver 0. I will give them 0 in all service aspects and give 10/10 in taking money.

  37. I had a very bad expeience. With lots of hope even in this toughest situation I borrowed money and paid for their Career Evolution Services for writing a good Resume and Linked Profile and also paid extra for their rush service. I have been mapped for the writer and after couple of days i got first draft for which i gave a feed back for editing immediately. Again i received an update after 4 to 5 days in which i was really disappointed. In my Technical Proficiencies they have mentioned Cybersecurity ECC instead of SAP ECC. I have 15 years of experience and the writer gave one pager. I was readlly shocked and disappointed. I have contacted the support team they didnt help me. I have asked for refund no response. Am not sure what to do not. Without a Job earning single penny is very tough and i have to support my family also. So am requesting every one please be careful about these services in Canada.

    I got a call on 03/03/2021 around 10:04AM and the person called claimed to be Customer Support Supervisor and saying that they can refund 50% of the amount which is not fair. She is saying it was the decision from senior management. She dowsn’t have an answer for the question I asked. I asked what are they compensating for the time and effort i put in to explain about the details to the writer one by one wasting my time and effort?
    Please be carful about the service with these people. They are big gamers.

  38. Do Not Spend Your Good Money on Top Resume!
    Horrible deliverables…no value and should be avoided at all cost.
    Find a high schooler and you found their employee pool.
    Like others on this list- we didn’t read these before spending our money-
    Lessons learned!
    Posting these on other sites may to it.
    Bottom Resume!

  39. Top Resume is possibly the worst use of your money 🙁

    Following the resume critique provided by Top Resume, I took Top Resume services paying $219. After working with “resume expert” over two weeks to get revised version of my resume which, naturally, was expected to address all the concerns in the initial resume critique.

    However, my new resume scores only 25/100 on management score (my earlier resume scored 55/100). Given the resume critique had highlighted 55/100 as one of the critical improvement areas, I see this resume re-write and Top Resume services as not useful at all. Hoping to get a full refund given their services failed miserably on the parameter they had set themselves.

    • I couldn’t agree more! They are a total money grab, fly-by-night operation that does nothing more than over-promise and under-deliver. The resume I received looked like it was copied out of a book, sometimes not even bothering to change the verbiage to match my credentials. Overall, it was nothing short of a COMPLETE WASTE OF MONEY!

  40. Horrible experience, suspect writers are off shore. Went through several writers, none of them had any IT knowledge. They kept trying to push that fluffy non technical wording, had to keep correcting them on grammar and proper use of subjects.
    Do yourself a favor and look elsewhere, they do not offer refunds or satisfaction guarantees.

  41. I paid for a cover letter, resume, follow up thank you letter and LinkedIn profile to be written by an executive level writer that knew my job industry. I did not receive a cover letter, follow up thank you letter or a LinkedIn profile at all. I did receive an extremely poorly written resume that sounded like they put the resume (that I previously wrote and provided to them on request) into a program that just rearranged sentences and they gave me what was spit out. The resume they gave back to me was mostly gibberish and included misspellings, very odd wording and awkward “English” language. When I brought these concerns up, they provided a second draft that ONLY shoved in the edits that I suggested. At this point, I was just paying someone else to paste my own words into a document so I requested a refund. First they told me that they submitted my request for a refund to the department that would process it but then a few days later they told me they were now not going to refund and that they would work with my bank instead. Top Resume removed the resume from my log-in so I not only never got the cover letter, follow up thank you letter or LinkedIn profile that I paid for but now I don’t even have access to the awful resume. Top Resume scammed me out of $329.00 and provided me with nothing in exchange.

  42. I paid for a resume and cover letter. They provided an unusable version of both doing a poor copy and paste of what I sent them from a previous resume I had and the cover letter just plain didn’t make any sense and was complete garbage (for specifics it stated I was looking for a PM job, but then detailed all the work I had done as an insurance agent). I’ve been in a dispute with them and my credit card company for 3 months. My cc company could not find me in favor since they take the information I provide back to the vendor (TopResume) and only if TopResume agrees do I get my money back. TR didn’t (shocker). I ended up getting reimbursed from my cc company essentially as a sign of good faith, but this was a 3 month fiasco. Save your self the trouble and find someone through contacts that is good at this and just pay them or take the time to research writing resumes and do it yourself. Top Resume is a complete joke though.

  43. Overpriced for mediocre results. They claim you won’t be charged until satisfied, but you’ll never be satisfied. No amount of feedback will correct their poor quality. DON’T USE TOP RESUME.

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